Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Pizza in Florida!

After a ‘hard and stressful’ day of sightseeing in southeast Florida, Laurie, Dawn Marie and I agreed that a very casual dinner was in order and that pizza would fill our needs nicely.  I had Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza on my list but Dawn had another local place in mind, a place where she knew that the pizza was good!

So it was off to Steve’s Pizza in North Miami.  This place is about as casual as it could be!  

Steve’s Pizza has been in business here since 1974.  They serve a New York style pizza with a ‘sweeter’ tasting tomato sauce and some customers from New York claim that this is the best pizza they’ve had since moving to south Florida.

The interior of Steve’s has kind of a retro-grunge appearance, with cards and graffiti on the walls and just graffiti everywhere else.  There was a constant line of people picking up or ordering their pizzas while we were there.  The counter service can be described as New York casual… It was that typical ‘I’m busy’…’Wat da ya want?’ indifference that marks many New York and New Jersey establishments.  It was perfect for a NY pizza joint!

You can buy pizza by the slice…big slices indeed!  Alternatively, you can order a whole pizza, (Large 16” - $11.75 plus $1.75 per topping), or one of Steve’s 6 Specialty Pizzas. (Large - $13.75 to $18.75)

Apparently, we were a bit hungry!  Once again, we started eating before Laurie was able to take a photo… (Note: Although I'd turned this photo so it could be viewed vertically instead of horizontally, it wouldn't transfer to the blog in the format I wanted)

This was a very good pizza topped with quality pepperoni and Italian sausage.  The crust was thin and fairly crispy…just as we like it!  It was a winner that we wish we could duplicate in east Tennessee…

There are many other offerings on the Menu at Steve’s Pizza.  There are Calzones, Stromboli, Pizza Hoagies, Spaghetti entrees, Ziti dishes, other Pasta offerings, Salads and Soups, Cold Subs and Italian Dinners.  But, judging from the traffic and the orders we saw leaving the building and being enjoyed at the tables, pizza is no doubt #1 at Steve’s!
Steve’s Pizza is located at 12101 Biscayne Boulevard in North Miami Florida.  Phone: 305-891-0202.  To see Steve’s menu go to For additional feedback on Steve’s Pizza, just go to Trip Advisor at
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Thanks for stopping by and sharing a slice of pizza with us!
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  1. It looks really good no matter how it's turned! I haven't had the problem you have on Blogspot, but it has definitely all changed. My main email was hacked, lost all contacts and folders, even after changing password, and so I went over to gmail. What a nightmare with some of this stuff! Good luck, Big Daddy!

  2. I meant to say---the pizza just might be as good as Chicago-style pizza. Just kidding...

  3. oh that sounds like a great idea for dinner tomorrow!!
    have fun in sunny Florida!