Friday, June 29, 2018

Things, They are ‘a Changing…

I retired and we moved to East Tennessee in August of 2009… We had originally found the area we retired to way back in 1989.

We moved in and settled down, adjusting to retired life very quickly and easily.  The Knoxville area also allowed for many trips throughout the south and eastern part of the USA.  So many destinations are within a day’s drive.

We were surrounded by forest or at the least a nice screen of trees.  In the back we had and have plenty of privacy.  The nearest house to left of us is across a gully with downed trees, thick undergrowth and lots of big trees.  The area across the street was and is completely wooded… The right side of the house was separated from the nearest house by 2 forested lots.  Deer and turkey were frequent visitors.

The first signs of change occurred when a corner lot was cleared and a home was built about a block and a half away. 

...and then it happened!

Then one day in late August or early September of 2106, only one lot away on the right side of our house, change really began to take hold!  We tracked the builder’s progress over the month’s right through to completion.  Note the photo with the turkey picking its way through the forest debris.  We actually had a huge flock come through feasting on the upturned soil. 

In late January of 2017, just before the house shown preceding series of photos was completed, (seen to the right in this picture), we came home one day to note this sudden change in the lot right next door.  As it turned out, the deal between the builder and the lot owner fell through and the deer and turkey kept wandering through the wooded lot visiting our house along the way.

...and then it happened again!

We of course knew that it was inevitable!  The lot next door was fairly flat and promised any new homeowners a view of Tellico Lake and the mountains beyond.  So, in early May of this year, the lot was cleared and leveled.  Then construction began.  Note the tree stump with its roots wrapped around that giant boulder.  It took a couple of days, a big jackhammer and some heavy equipment to extract that chunk of wood and rock from the ground!

We did luck out though!  This is Mike and his better half, Sherry.  They've already moved down to East Tennessee from upstate New York and they'll be our new neighbors… We’ve had them over, we’ve gone out together quite a few times and they seem willing to put up with us and our various quirks!  To top it off, the turkey and deer haven’t left town!  Mike and Sherry were at our house the other day and we all watched a whole herd of deer (accompanied by two bucks) come across the back of their lot and then wander through the woods behind our house.

Things in the neighborhood are indeed changing…but sometimes change is not only inevitable, but it can be a good thing!

That’s about it for now… Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

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Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Same here.... Lots of homes being built in Fairfield Glade... We bought our home in 2002 --and moved here in 2003.. The lot across the street was a nice, wooded area.... After we had been here about 8 years, they built a house on that lot... Some nice folks from Michigan bought the house --but didn't get down here but 2-3 times a year (due to health problems). They finally sold the house to some folks from Pennsylvania --who, like us, live here year-round. HOWEVER, they are VERY different from us and we really don't have anything in common with them. He drives a loud (DID I SAY LOUD?) red-neck truck, has a motorcycle and a boat, and they seldom speak (or even wave) to us.. Our friends from Michigan (when they were here) loved our flowers/yard --and would help keep the deer away!!!! Oh Well---tis life. Not all neighbors have things in common I guess!!!

    Homes are still being built in the north end of the Glade --and the new homes are much larger, more expensive and very gorgeous when compared to our 'older' area..... Life goes on. RIGHT???

    AND YES--no matter how much is built, we still have TONS of deer around... ha

  2. Good that you got neighbors you like but bad that your place out in the woods had to go away.

  3. Sounds like a beaitiful place David and love you have deers really lovely, hugs and love!

  4. Trying to comment but will not work at this time, friend David. Love, cat.

    1. Trying and struggling with things, friend David … at this time its my "rain bow" daughter … rain bows are beautiful … but not when it comes to my child … I suspect I will never understand … and I know I will not be bullied into something that I do not understand. Anyway … wishing you a very happy 4th of July coming up shortly, hmmm? (I entered North America on July 4th, 1982 … smiles) … Love, cat.