Friday, August 26, 2016

Anthonino’s Taverna on the Hill – St. Louis Missouri

Back in June after visiting our son and his family in Omaha, we came back through St. Louis where we stopped for a couple of days to visit Laurie’s family.  Her sister Bonnie and Bonnie’s husband Bill always have a couple of new dining options slated for us when were in town…

This is Anthonino’s Taverna on St. Louis’s Italian Hill section of town.  Anthonino’s is an Italian restaurant with a bit of a Greek flair.  As you can see it’s popular with lines forming early in the dinner hour…

The Hill’s roots are intertwined with St. Louis history.  Baseball superstars Yogi Berra and Joe Garagiola both grew up here.  The Hill is also famous for its fine Italian cuisine.  The area still maintains a traditional collection of authentic Italian bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants and mom-and-pop trattorias.  Everything is colorful here – even the fire hydrants are painted red, white and green. For more information about the Hill neighborhood just go to

Anthonino’s Taverna isn’t a large place but it offers and warm and friendly dining experience.  This restaurant opened in 2003.  The owners are brothers Anthony and Rosario Scarato.  The restaurant was built in 1939 and it generally served as a local bar until the Scarato’s bought the building.  The bar, hardwood floors and tin ceiling are all original and appear well preserved today. 

Our waiter brought this nice garlic laden olive oil to the table.  It was great ‘dipping’ oil.  The bread was OK but we prefer the traditional crusty Italian loaves. 

When dining with Bonnie and Bill, we always end up trying a couple different appetizers.  We started out with a St. Louis special…the Toasted Ravioli. ($9.00) These ravioli are handmade in Anthonino’s.   They’re filled with ground beef, ricotta and pecorino Romano cheeses.  This appetizer was featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives show on the Food TV Network.  They were very good and they were complimented by some terrific marinara sauce…

FYI…Toasted ravioli, or breaded deep-fried ravioli, is an appetizer that was created and popularized on The Hill in St. Louis.  It is possible that it originated in a different form in Sicily, where fried ravioli containing a sweet filling is a traditional Christmas time dish.  

Our second appetizer was the Baked Goat Cheese. ($9.00) A nice portion of goat cheese is baked with the house marinara and it’s served with fried pita chips.  The combination of the goat cheese with the marinara sauce was very nice indeed.

Greek style appetizers on the menu at Anthonino’s include Saganaki ($8.00), Spanakopita ($7.00), Yogurt Tzatziki ($5.00) and Horiatiki, a Greek Salad. ($6.00)

Salads came with most of our meals.  The top photo is of the House Salad…$4.00 when bought separately.  I ordered the Caesar Salad with my dinner…$5.00 when purchased separately.
The ingredients in the salads were very fresh and the salad dressings were far better than average.  I could even taste a little anchovy in my Caesar Salad.  The croutons were very large but they were softer than usual and they offered a lot of extra flavor to the salad.

This was Bonnie’s Shrimp Scampi. ($16.00) Eight large broiled shrimp tossed in breadcrumbs and then covered in a lemon butter sauce.  It was a very attractive dish and the accompanying green beans looked great too!  It was an excellent entrée…

Bill ordered the Surf 'N Turf. ($24.00) This consisted of an 8 oz. charbroiled filet of sirloin, accompanied by 3 large crab claws.  It was served over polenta swimming in a rich consommé.  Bill was a happy camper indeed!

Laurie ordered the Pasta with Sautéed Shrimp. ($12.00) She added peas, artichoke hearts and Alfredo sauce for $2.00 extra.  Fresh grated parmesan cheese added that something extra that kicked this entrée up another notch.  It was a very enjoyable and satisfying platter of pasta…something that’s hard to find in East Tennessee.

As usual I went for a really ‘healthy’ entrée!  This is the Steak Mudiga. ($24.00) An 8 oz. breaded sirloin filet was charbroiled, (cooked medium rare as ordered), then topped with Volpi prosciutto, melted cheese and then finished in a white wine sauce.  This was a decadent dish…but it was also very good!

Bill and I overdid it when we were asked if we wanted any dessert.  We decided to split this Greek dessert.  I can’t remember its name but these fried dough balls were soaked in honey and nuts.  It was way too rich and over the top for either of us…

Service was better than average and the food ranged from very good to excellent.  This was a fun place for dinner and we had a chance to enjoy some quality Italian cuisine!  Anthonino’s Taverna is located in St. Louis Missouri’s Italian Hill neighborhood at 2225 Macklind Avenue.  Phone: 314-773-4455.  Website:  

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Blue Heron Restaurant – Tellico Village TN

It was my birthday in July and since I was still recovering from surgery, I decided to celebrate my ‘big day’ by dining in a restaurant that is close to home.  Of course, another positive incentive for this particular choice was the fact that we’d won two $25.00 gift certificates for this restaurant during our last mixed doubles best ball scramble golf outing!

We hadn’t eaten at the Blue Heron Restaurant since my 54th class reunion back in October.  It had been average at that point but better than it had been in the recent past.  We’d read that it recently was now under new management and it had a new and experienced chef as well…

The Blue Heron Restaurant is in the Tellico Village Yacht Club in Loudon Tennessee.  Tellico Village itself is an open development with miles and miles of shoreline on Tellico Lake. 357 to be exact!  While it is focused on retired folks, the Village is not gated and anyone can live there.  School buses do roam the village during the school year.  If you’d like to learn more about Tellico Village, just go to    

Here are 2 views of the spacious dining area in the Blue Heron Restaurant.  The bar is located at the back of the second photo.  The restaurant leases the space for the dining area, bar and kitchen from Tellico Village. Though these two photos show the dining area pretty empty, by the time our entree arrived, tables were filling up fast!

While the dining room is a little ‘vanilla’ as relates to décor, the views of Tellico Lake are hard to beat!  The first photo shows the view from our table in the dining room. 

Tellico Lake is an impound lake or reservoir that is part of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s chain of reservoirs/lakes and dams on the Tennessee River and its tributaries.  Tellico Lake is connected to Fort Loudoun Lake via a short canal.  Between the 2 lakes or reservoirs, they have 736 miles of shoreline and they total 30,600 acres of water surface or about 48 square miles.  That area is just a little shy of the size of Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah! 

Laurie took this photo of yours truly as we celebrated my 74th birthday… As photos of me go, I look fairly happy in this one.

Now onto the food! 

We started out with the House Smoked Salmon. ($10.00) This small plate came with marinated cucumbers, shaved red onion, capers, dill, citrus crème fraiche and crostini’s.  It was very good…

Salads came with our entrees.  I had the side Caesar salad with anchovies. ($1.00 extra for the anchovies)  The ingredients were very fresh and the salad dressing was nice although I’d prefer the anchovy ‘taste’ gently blending into the dressing and just skip the anchovies themselves…

Laurie had the house side salad with the house special salad dressing.  She really liked her salad and commented about the excellent salad dressing.  

Laurie ordered the fish special for the day.  In this case it was Blackened Amberjack with a black bean salsa accompanied by sautéed squash and carrots. ($25.00) The fish was firm and fresh and it was cooked perfectly.  She loved the black bean salsa creation as well as her vegetables.   The latter is a real plus as she usually doesn’t like vegetables!  She proclaimed that her entire entrée was excellent…

For my birthday dinner I ordered the Black Angus Sirloin au Poivre. ($17.00) It was accompanied by garlic and herb whipped potatoes and grilled asparagus and it was finished with brandy peppercorn butter and demi-glace.  The steak was cooked medium rare as ordered and it had lots of flavor.  The grilled asparagus was perfect and I liked the whipped potatoes as well…another excellent entrée!

Service was average with our waitress either a little overwhelmed or just forgetful.  Offsetting this factor was the presence of the new general manager, Skylar.  He stopped by to see how our meal was and to ask for input…a positive sign which hopefully will ensure an upbeat future for the restaurant.  Our ‘rating’ would read; service = average; value = above average, and; food = excellent!  We will be back…and soon!

The Blue Heron Restaurant is located in the Tellico Village Yacht Club at 100 Sequoyah Road in Loudon Tennessee.  Phone: 865-458-4363.  Website:  Note: The menu on the website needs to be updated.  For a more current menu, you can go to

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Monday, August 22, 2016

A Late Breakfast in Concordia Missouri

We finished our family visit in Omaha and headed out for St. Louis, where most of Laurie’s immediate family lives… As usual, we skipped breakfast so that I’d be alert for the drive.  When it came time for lunch, we passed Kansas City and we were cruising along I-70.  We started looking on-line for ideas in some of the small towns along the route…

Recommendations on a couple different websites led us to jump off the Interstate at Exit 58 onto MO Hwy. 23 and into Concordia Missouri.  This is Topsy’s Restaurant.  We love local restaurants or diners in small towns!  It’s always fun to visit them because they are frequently the meeting place for the locals and folks are always friendly…even if the food is sometimes just OK.

This restaurant is referred to as Topsy’s 1912…because that’s when it was founded…104 years ago!  That’s some longevity for any business, much less a restaurant.  Note that the guest ‘book’ is a map covered with stars from all around the USA and beyond…

The restaurant was founded by H. Oetting and he named it from the nickname he’d been given.  Back in the early 20th century companies would come through town and put on plays and shows.  Local talents were frequently employed and Mr. Oetting had been chosen to play a part as a young boy named Topsy.  The name stuck with him and it’s stuck with the restaurant as well.

The interior of Topsy’s is pure local small town café.  There are plaques, photos, patriotic symbols, the US flag, etc. decorating the walls.  Our waitress was very friendly and helpful and the restaurant was clean…

The town of Concordia was established and named by German immigrants in 1860.  They called it Concordia, meaning 'harmony.'  The town has a population of about 2,400 residents.  Concordia is home to St. Paul Lutheran High School, the only residential high school affiliated with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in the United States.

We were delighted to discover that we could order breakfast anytime… Since that’s our favorite meal, we both jumped at the chance!  I ordered the Country Farm Breakfast…3 eggs, hash browns, 3 sausage patties and toast…for only $8.99.  As you can see the sausage patties were flavor-packed and huge.  The over-easy eggs were cooked perfectly!  It was an excellent basic breakfast...and they had Tabasco sauce...

I must admit that I was a bit tempted to order Topsy’s Jalapeno Burger…a 4 oz. burger patty topped with 4 oz. of brisket and pepper jack cheese on a Kaiser bun!  It comes with French fries or potato tots for $9.99.

Laurie also ordered the Country Farm Breakfast.  She accompanied her eggs with 3 strips of bacon.  Her hash browns were crispy as ordered and the bacon was excellent!

Topsy’s dinner menu includes a choice of 2 sides.  I’d have a tough time choosing between the Tenderloin Dinner ($11.99), the Chicken Fried Steak ($12.99) or the Fried Chicken Dinner. (4 pieces $11.99)

Since we travel back and forth between Omaha and St. Louis about twice a year, we will make it a point to stop at Topsy’s for lunch or dinner on our next trip! 

Topsy’s Restaurant is open Monday – Thursday from 6 AM to 2 PM, Friday and Saturday from 6 AM to 9 PM, and Sunday from 9 AM to 2 PM.  Topsy’s is located at 715 South Main Street in Concordia Missouri.  Phone: 660-463-1316.  As far as I could tell, they are not on Facebook nor do they have a website. 
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Friday, August 19, 2016

Touring Omaha…

After checking out some of the historic and more recent railroad related buildings, our son continued driving us around Omaha to check out a few more places listed on the National Register of Historic Places…

Our first stop was fairly logical since David II is an attorney and he’s spent a bit time here.  The massive and impressive French Renaissance Revival style Douglas County Courthouse was built in 1912. 

A couple of notable (actually notorious) events have taken place at this site. 
·       A lynching occurred outside the 2nd Courthouse in 1891.  Angered and believing that a young girl had died after being attacked by a suspect, (the girl had not died, and the allegation was never proven), hundreds of men overwhelmed the small police force. They dragged the suspect from his cell and hung him from streetcar cables at the corner of 17th and Harney.

·       In September 1919, following Red Summer and race riots in numerous industrial cities, a mob of thousands of white men from South Omaha surrounded and attacked the Courthouse seeking to lynch an African-American worker named Willy Brown.  He was accused of assaulting a white woman.  The mob broke windows and climbed the outside of the building.  After a few hours, the crowd set the courthouse on fire and they forced the police to hand over the suspect.  After lynching Brown, burning his body, and attacking Omaha’s mayor, (who was rescued), the mob swarmed toward the city's black neighborhood.  They were stopped from further violence by federal troops from Fort Omaha who had been called in to restore order in the city.

·       To learn more about “Red Summer”, a period of racial unrest across the USA in which hundreds of people were killed, you can go to  Warning…a gruesome photo of Willy Brown’s body and the mob is found at this site.

This theater, which combined both Moorish and Classical styles, was built in 1926.  It was originally opened as the Riviera Theater.  Now it’s now known as the Rose Blumkin Performing Arts Center…or just The Rose. 

Noted for lavish stage shows combined with movies, the Riviera was regarded as one of the most elegant entertainment facilities in the Midwest.  The interior was designed in the ‘atmospheric’ style which was popular in the 1920s.  It simulated romantic outdoor Mediterranean courtyards with a night sky above, including twinkling stars and drifting clouds.

For some time, the theater was owned by Creighton University.  Leased out, it passed through several iterations, ending as the Astro Theater.  The theater closed in 1980.  Closed and facing possible demolition, Creighton University sold the Astro Theater to Rose Blumkin in 1981.  She was the founder of the famous Nebraska Furniture Mart.  In the early 1990s the old theater was renovated and transformed into the Rose Blumkin Performing Arts Center.  It’s now the home of the Omaha Theater Company. 

This is the Gottlieb Storz House.  It was built in 1905 by Omaha beer magnate Gottlieb Storz.  This Jacobethan Revival style mansion is included as part of the Gold Coast Historic District in Omaha. 

Gottlieb Storz founded the Storz Brewing Company in Omaha in 1876.  After two decades of success he constructed this 27-room mansion.  The mansion is home to the Adele and Fred Astaire Ballroom on the top floor, which is the only memorial to the Astaire’s Omaha roots. 

The mansion's heyday was the mid-20th century when Arthur Storz, Jr., owned it.  The mansion was the scene of an opulent party celebrating the movie ‘Strategic Air Command’ in 1955.  The movie premiere was held in Omaha and the premiere party was held at the Storz mansion with guests including James Stewart and June Allyson, as well as the Strategic Air Command Commander Curtis LeMay. 


·       Descendant Todd Storz was raised in this house.  He loved radio and he eventually pioneered the Top 40 radio format that grew to popularity around the world.

·       The Storz Brewing Company was owned by the Storz family until 1966 and it ceased operations in 1972.  In 2013, it was announced the brand would be revived by Tom Markel, a Storz family descendant.  That brewery is up and running and its product can be found in many locations in and around Omaha.  See

This is the Hupmobile Building.  Built in 1917 along the city's historic Auto Row, the building was an early Hupmobile dealership.  The structure was built as a dealership, service shop, and factory branch for Hupmobile.  

In 1925 the Hupmobile dealership was moved to a larger building.  This building was used by several other automobile dealerships until 1940.  Brands included Hudson, Willys-Knight, and Terraplane.  A flight school was housed here from 1941-1943.  The Sterling Manufacturing Company, which produced coffins, ship parts, and water heaters during World War II, operated here until 2003.  Unfortunately the building is empty now.

Robert Craig Hupp, a former employee of Oldsmobile and Ford, founded the company with his brother Louis Gorham Hupp in 1908. Production began in 1909. Hupp Motor Car Company continued to grow even after its founder left.  Hupp competed strongly against Ford and Chevrolet. By 1928 sales had reached over 65,000 units.  The Hupp Motor Car Company began to decline even before the Great Depression.  It finally closed in 1940.  To learn more about this early automobile company, you can go to

The Prague Hotel is located in the heart of the Little Bohemia neighborhood of Omaha, Nebraska.  It was built by the aforementioned Gottlieb Storz to provide Nebraska's Czech immigrants with familiar settings in their new country.  In addition to a 25-room hotel, the building included a restaurant and a tavern.  A sign in the tavern window proclaimed in Czech, "Pražská Pivnice, Dámy Jsou Vítány", which translated to English meant "Prague Hotel, Ladies Are Invited".  For more than 40 years it remained the only hotel catering to Bohemians between Chicago and the Pacific Coast.

The building was originally constructed with a restaurant and tavern on the first floor, hotel rooms on the second floor and a dance hall on the third floor, the Prague Hotel was built as a center for the Czech community's social and cultural activities.  A native of Bohemia ran the operation from its opening for the Storz Company and in 1915 he purchased the Hotel from the brewery.  The tavern closed in 1942.  In 1987 the building was rehabilitated and converted into apartments.

Our next objectives were in Omaha’s Freedom Park.  Freedom Park is an outdoor park and museum at the Greater Omaha Marina on the bank of the Missouri River.  We were frustrated in our efforts to find and view the exhibits we were seeking…the photos are from Wikipedia.  I’ll explain shortly.

This is the USS Hazard.  USS Hazard was an Admirable-class minesweeper that served in the United States Navy during World War II.  It was built in 1944 and it was fitted for both wire and acoustic sweeping and could double as an anti-submarine warfare platform.  The Admirable class of minesweepers were also used for patrol and escort duties.  This is the last remaining ship of this class left in the USA.  The Hazard earned 3 battle stars for her service during World War II. 

Our other objective in Freedom Park was the USS Marlin.  The Marlin was a T-1-class training submarine in commission from 1953 to 1973.  She was the second submarine of the United States Navy to be named for the marlin, a large game fish.  The USS Marlin was one of the smallest operational submarines ever built for the U.S. Navy.  For about 15 years she performed valuable service as a target and training ship and helped to evaluate submarine and antisubmarine warfare equipment and tactics.

OK…so why did we visit Freedom Park and fail to locate these exhibits?  It turns out that the park was badly flooded and damaged in 2011.  It was closed, finally reopening in the fall of 2015 after 4 years of restoration and clean-up work.  Since we were there in June of 2016, why didn’t we find these vessels?  I guess that we weren’t persistent enough!  To quote a visitor in the same month, “We had a great visit.  The dirt road and poor entrance (to visit the former naval vessels) made it hard to find the place.”  We’ll try again another time…

This skyscraper is not listed on the National Register of Historic Places but it is an Omaha landmark.  The Woodmen Tower is a 478 foot high-rise building in downtown Omaha.  It’s the headquarters of the Woodmen of the World insurance company.  The 30-story building was completed in 1969 and it was the tallest building in Omaha for over 30 years.

So what the heck is Woodmen of the World?  Woodmen was founded in 1890 is the largest fraternal benefit society with open membership in the United States.  In addition to providing life insurance protection to members, it’s founder believed that Woodmen members, through their local lodges, should be an active volunteer force within their communities, helping those in need.

Today, the organization provides disaster relief efforts through the Woodmen/American Red Cross partnership. More than 1,600 Woodmen volunteers belong to 160 disaster action teams nationwide, providing relief efforts in their local communities.  The organization has evolved into a modern financial services organization, offering life and health insurance, annuities, investments and home mortgages.  Woodmen is one of the largest fraternal benefit societies in the USA with more than 810,000 members who belong to more than 2,000 lodges across the United States.   I learn something new almost every day!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fish and Oyster Bar in Omaha Nebraska

Another day during our June visit to spend some time with our family in Omaha…  It was yet another opportunity to try out a restaurant that we hadn’t checked out previously!

Shucks Fish House and Oyster Bar is located in another shopping area on the far west side of Omaha… As you can see, like so many restaurants today, Shucks does offer an outdoor dining experience for those that enjoy that  ‘parking lot’ ambience with their meals. 

The interior of Shucks Fish House and Oyster Bar is very casual.  The dining area is bright with a variety of nautical/seafood themed items adorning the walls. 

Of course the first appetizer that we ordered in this seafood restaurant was that old fish house standby, a half dozen chicken wings! ($6.99) Shucks wings can be purchased in several styles…”Buffalo, Char-Buff, BBQ, Char-BQ, or Char-Grilled”.  I don’t recall which version we ordered but the wings were OK…just about average.

Our second appetizer was the Cod Fingers. ($6.99)  Like the chicken wings, they were sort of average…nothing special.  At about $1.75 per ‘finger’, they weren’t a bargain either.

When you look at all of these appetizers, keep in mind that there were 6 of us for dinner…one a pre-teen and the other a ravenous 15 year old!  Our third appetizer was an order of Calamari with sweet Thai Chili Sauce.  I thought that the order was a little skimpy for $8.99.  They were just fine but more or less just average…

One of our entrees was the Shrimp and Grits. ($16.99) Our son’s wife Amy enjoyed her meal very much.  It was certainly above average…and it does look good!

I ordered the Haddock Basket. ($12.99) It came with potato cakes and coleslaw.  The fish was nice and the breading was tasty, both above average from the usual.  I wasn’t crazy about the coleslaw but it’s just a matter of taste and expectations.

David III ordered the Blackened Chicken Alfredo. ($11.99) It consisted of a marinated blackened chicken breast over their Cajun spiced creamy Alfredo sauce.  Our 15 year-old grandson was happy with his meal and we were lucky to get this photo before he wiped out this plate of food!

Laurie ordered one of her favorite things…a New England Lobster Roll. ($18.99) Shucks states that their lobster roll is made with “93.7% Lobster meat and just enough dressing to hold it together”. It came with French fries and coleslaw. The Lobster Roll needed a bit more seasoning to snap the taste buds. A bit bland for her liking but still good. She was not a fan of the coleslaw but the french fries were delicious! Two cups of Lobster Bisque were also ordered by our party. ($5.49 each) The Lobster Bisque was a bit above average. Laurie would rate it very good!

This was an order of Shucks Fish and Chips. ($8.99) The fish was fresh and the breading was tasty without being overwhelming.  We thought that this entrée was a bit above average for this basic offering…

Two desserts were ordered to finish off the meal.  The bread pudding ($4.99) was decent if not the best ever! Yummy!

Laurie and I split a slice of key lime pie. ($4.99) It was OK but we wouldn’t order it again.

To summarize, at least for us Shucks was just slightly above average.  There were highs and lows with a couple of the entrees lifting the overall ‘score’.  There are 3 Shucks locations in the Omaha area.  The location that we visited is at 16901 Wright Street.  Phone: 402-763-1860.  Shucks Fish House and Oyster Bar’s website is at

Just one more photo of a couple of proud grandparents with their terrific grandsons!  By next summer, we’ll be dwarfed by both of them… 

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Omaha Family Visit!

With stops, it takes over 14 hours to drive to Omaha from East Tennessee to visit our son, his better half and our 2 grandsons.  We usually stop in St. Louis on the way, either going or coming, to visit Laurie’s family.  This trip was built around the Memorial Day holiday.  We’d stayed overnight in Springfield Illinois before making the final push to Omaha.  The plan was to visit Laurie’s family on our return trip…

If someone else’s family photos aren’t your thing, I understand.  I've been dragged through lots of other people's photo albums over the years!

Here’s David II, our little boy, performing pool maintenance.  I don’t think that he was too happy about us taking photographs! 

Here’s Emmett Lee, at 12 years old, youngest of our 2 grandsons.  He didn’t waste any time getting in the water.  Unlike his grandpa, he’s a lean mean sporting machine!  He loves track, basketball, soccer and especially football…

This is Emmett’s big brother, 15 year old David III.  He didn’t like the cold water and we kept teasing him about it.  Like his dad, he probably didn’t appreciate this photo!

Finally…he took the plunge!  All was well once he was in the pool for a short time.

Did I mention that the 2 boys are just a ‘little’ competitive!?  The battle for the ball was on!  Emmett is quicker but David III, who is 6 feet tall already, has a slight height advantage.  The doctor has told David II and Amy that Emmett Lee will probably be about 6’ 3” but David III may grow to as much as 6’ 7”!

Emmett Lee is a whirlwind…rarely resting in one place for long.  He does a great layup and, even though he occasionally gets bruised, he won’t give up when playing any sport with his brother or his father.

Note the doorjamb vs. David III’s height!  Now you might ask why he posed for this photo while standing in front of his closet… He was trying to block Nana’s efforts to take a picture of his ‘disorderly’ closet.

David III’s room was relatively neat and clean.  Of course both of the boys knew that Nana would be inspecting them!  David plays soccer and basketball…but his true passion is debating.  On weekends he spends hours with his championship debate team practicing for their next meet.  One disadvantage of this passion is that it’s hard to argue with him because he’s quick with the repartee. 

Emmett Lee’s room is always fairly neat and a bit more colorful than his brother’s.  Emmett likes order in his various displays of sports memorabilia, action figures, books, etc. 

Both Emmett Lee and David III spent a fair amount of time playing computer games.  When David III and his dad play together, they are off the wall into it!  Currently David III is part of the Pokémon craze…

This photo in Emmett’s room shows some of the many medals and trophies that he’s collected over the years. Note the Chicago Bears fan cave poster.  He knows who the players are and what they excel at.  Even for other teams, he knows who the key players are…

Here are the 3 David’s… Notice what a shrimp I am!  I’m probably around 5’ 11” but they both tower over me.

Here’s Nana (Laurie) with David II and David III on their deck.  Emmett was off playing soccer when this series of photos were taken.  
Don’t worry the family photo blog is almost over… 

I thought that we should end with a picture of our “Omaha” family.  From the left: David II, Emmett Lee, Amy and David III.  Amy and David, who both have significant careers going, have done a great job building a family unit that excels in almost everything they get involved in… In addition, the boys are smart, get excellent grades and, despite their age, they’re still nice to their grandparents! (Just avoid hugging them in public)

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