Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wall to Wall Stuff!!

As we travel around North America, we are occasionally surprised by small local museums that far surpass our expectations. This place is apparently the result of a collector gone wild! If it wasn't for the fact that this huge quantity of collectibles is well organized, this would be a prime example of hoarding...good 'stuff' only!

How about Indian pottery, baskets, peace pipes, beads/bead work, 10,000 arrowheads, spear points, tools, grinding stones and other artifacts... Add to that, there are 35 complex imagery pictures formed out of arrowheads!

How about rocks and minerals? The world's largest Turquoise carving...a 2-ton Quartz crystal cluster, a petrified tree and hundreds of mineral specimens from around the world. Then there's a large Amethyst display plus Fluorite and Selenite clusters. This collection just goes on and on...

Or, if Indian artifacts aren't you cup of tea, there is this collection of rose bowls and related items...or the vaseline glass, a huge selection of Carnival Glass, yellow glassware, vases, Custard glass, Black Amethyst Glass, Fenton, Flo Blue and cut/leaded glass. Then there's the hundreds of pieces of pottery in every shape and design that can be imagined.

Do you prefer antique guns? There is a very large collection of rifles, muskets, shotguns, pistols and ammunition. There are also war relics including Civil War items, swords, bayonets, shells and cannon balls.

How about unusual items? A collection of old irons! Or, toothpick holders, a baseball card collection, Elvis and Marilyn memorabilia, coins, a lunchbox collection, Kewpie dolls, etc., etc...

This museum is the result of 2 family collections/museums coming together back in 1993. The Arlis Cogar family from Arkansas had created the "Trail of Tears Museum". It was combined with the wide ranging collections assembled by Prier family in their museum in Golden, Missouri.

Did I mention the Black memorabilia, the collection of glass bells, the barbed wire display, the Chinese items, the eyeglass/optical display, the porcelain bird display or the case full of hand held fans of every variety? The list goes on and on...

One of our favorite displays at the museum was this grouping of face jugs... They're relatively rare, especially in excellent condition.

One of the best parts about this museum is that it's FREE! No charge for admission! They do have a box at the entrance and the exit for donations. What a deal!

The Golden Pioneer Museum is located at the intersection of Missouri Highway 86 and County Road J in Golden Missouri. It's on Table Rock Lake between Branson Missouri and Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It's open from April 1 through October 31 from 10:30 am until 4:30 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Phone: 417-271-3300.

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