Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crawford Auto + Collection continued...

Here's another grouping of automobiles and other modes of taken during a fall visit to The Crawford Auto-Aviation Collection in Cleveland Ohio.

This is a 1901 Toledo Steamer. It is steam powered and it was built by the American Bicycle Company. It featured a nickel & chrome central 'tiller' and a pair of brass gas headlights. Air & steam gauges are mounted on the floor. Back in the day, it sold for $900.00.

Here is a 1911 Packard Phaeton Model 30. It was one of the "3 P's", the nickname of the most desired luxury autos of the era. The other two were the Peerless and the Pierce-Arrow. James Ward Packard had purchased a 1898 Winton in Cleveland...complained about it's faults...and then opened his own automobile company in Detroit! Only 1,865 of this model were produced. It had a 30 HP engine, a new improvement named shock absorbers and a price tag of $5,550!

The Crawford collection also includes a few early aircraft...and this one sailboat. This is "The Tinkerbell". In 1965, Robert Manry, an editor for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, decided that he wanted to sail alone across the Atlantic in a small sailboat. He modified this 13.5' boat for his purposes. This is one of the smallest boat to ever cross the North Atlantic Ocean. He fell overboard 6 times...but he completed the trip in 78 days!

Nifty, isn't it! This is a 1919 Harley Davidson Model 19-J. The best thing about this motorcycle is that it is completely original and it still runs! It has a 16 HP 45-degree "V-Twin" air cooled engine. Reportedly, it produces that sound...that Harley thunder...just like the current Harley's do!

This is my favorite from this grouping... It's a 1948 Chrysler Town & Country 4-door sedan. It has Ash framing and Di-Noc "Mahogany" paneling. A very limited number of these autos were produced. They were a bit pricey for 1948 - 49, and even Chrysler told customers that they should think 'yacht maintenance', not just auto maintenance. It was recommended that the wood should be re-varnished every 6 months! I love the rack on top of this car. As for accessories, the heater and the radio each cost an extra $99.00. The Town & Country had a 121.5" wheelbase, developed 114 HP and this particular auto cost it's owner $3,486.15.

The Crawford Auto-Aviation Collection of the Western Reserve Historical Society is located at 10825 East Boulevard in Cleveland Ohio. Phone: 216-721-5722. Website:

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  1. The first one makes it easy to see why they were called a horseless carriage.