Monday, July 11, 2011

She’s A Winner!!

Last summer, Laurie, my wife and chief blog site photographer, took the following photograph.  It’s a view from the top of a hill in one of the residential neighborhoods in Tellico Village.  With crepe myrtle trees framing the scene, you can see the Smoky Mountains in the distance with Tellico Lake in the mid-distance.  To us, it seemed to be a very 'summer like' and calming photo…

So, this spring Laurie noticed that there was a photo contest being held by a local newspaper, The Connection, through its parent company, Loudon County Publishers, Inc.  Loudon County Publishers, Inc. also publishes the Tellico Village Directory and the Loudon News Herald, as well as other local newspapers. 

The photo contest called for the best summer photo of the Tellico Lake community, one that visually demonstrated what life is like here in the summer.  The winning photo was to be used on the front cover of the 2011 summer edition of the Tellico Village Phone Directory.  

As you can see above, my better half (the family, vacation and blog site photographer), scored on this one!  She won the contest, had her photo published and she was featured in an article on pg. 3 of the June 29th 2011 issue of ‘The Connection’.

I think that she’ll probably try to double up and shoot for the cover of the Winter Directory as well!


  1. Wow - congrats laurie and great photo

  2. Wow! Fantastic!
    Nice post, David!
    Congrats, Laurie!

  3. Great photo Laurie. No wonder that you won. You live in a beautiful part of the world and your photo would make a great post card.