Friday, March 16, 2012

Fresh Fish! New Smyrna Beach FL

Continuing along on our way to Miami, Laurie and I worked our way east to the coast from our overnight stay in Wildwood Florida.  It was about 1 pm and it was time for lunch.  New Smyrna Beach hadn’t been on our itinerary so I hadn’t done any research about where we might stop and grab a bite to eat…

Fortunately, my eagle eyed better half spotted a small local joint along the road that was very busy.  We liked the fact that it also looked like it had been around for awhile.

This is Ocean’s Seafoods in New Smyrna Beach Florida.  It sits almost unnoticed along a busy street and parking is somewhat limited.  The restaurant was quite busy for post 1 pm in the afternoon.  It has been in business for almost 32 years…

Here’s an interior photo of Ocean’s Seafoods.  The look is simple but nautical…and it’s a very casual place.  It’s definitely a place that’s popular with the locals.

Ocean’s Seafoods isn’t just a casual restaurant… They also sell fresh seafood.  This is their fresh fish display case.  It contained lump crab cakes, sea scallops, salmon, haddock, tilefish, red snapper, mahi-mahi, flounder, swordfish and grouper.  Another display case contained crab, shrimp, clams, lobster and oysters.

The restaurant will steam such items as shrimp, clams and lobster from their retail showcase for $1.00 per pound over the cost of the product.  Also, they will blacken, broil or fry any fresh fish, shrimp or scallops for an additional $2.00 per pound.

I ordered one of my seafood favorites…the Fried Fish Basket. ($7.29) The fish was fresh and hot, fried just right.  The French fries and cole slaw were good too.  I’m not into tartar sauce, so I went with horseradish based cocktail sauce for my fish.

Other fried seafood Baskets on the menu include: 12 Shrimp ($8.09) and; the Ipswitch Clam Basket ($7.49).  You can also buy steamed shrimp, snow crab, Dungeness crab, clams and oysters by the pound or dozen.  The boil can be done plain, with Old Bay or Cajun.  A pound of shrimp is $8.25, with clams and oysters costing $5.99 per dozen.  Snow and Dungeness crab are sold at Market Price.  All steamed items are served with drawn butter and cocktail sauce.

Laurie went with the sandwich featuring the Catch of the Day ($11.95). Her fresh flounder sandwich was very nice…fresh and fried perfectly.  She used the tartar sauce. 

Other sandwiches include fresh Grouper ($11.95); Mahi-Mahi ($8.95); Crab Cake ($6.75), and; fried oyster sandwich ($7.99).  There are also a couple of seafood salads.  These include the Homemade Shrimp Salad ($7.29); Shrimp Caesar ($7.99), and Mahi Caesar ($8.29) The Shrimp and Mahi-Mahi on the Caesar Salads can be either grilled or blackened.

Apparently, the local birdlife also appreciate Ocean’s Seafoods!  The roof of the restaurant was heavily populated by Snowy Egrets and Wood Storks.

There are several dinner plates on the menu.  These include 2 sides and they range from Fresh (2) Crab Cakes ($11.29), to Fresh Grouper Filet ($15.95) and on up to the Chef’s Featured Dinner Specials at Market Price.  I also read a couple of on-line reviews that touted Ocean Seafoods’ Authentic Key Lime Pie… ($2.25).  We were too full for any dessert…maybe next time!
At Ocean’s Seafoods, customers place their order at the counter and then pick up their food when their name is called.  The restaurant was clean and orderly.  Ocean’s Seafoods is located at 601 East Third Avenue (Beachside), in New Smyrna Beach Florida.  They are open 7 days a week with varying hours.  Phone: 386-423-5511. I could not locate a website for this business.
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  1. I think you both had great meals. God forgive me, but I love batter fried fish. Photos like yours serve only to reinforce my bad habits :-). I hope you enjoyed every mouthful. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  2. Dear Dave, It is always a good choice to eat where the rest of the local people eat and not the fancy tourist spot. I just think that food looked good. Blessings on your travels, Catherine