Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Boathouse Grill at Put-in-Bay Ohio

During our visit to South Bass Island/Put-in-Bay Ohio, the family did have to grab a bite to eat… Our first choice was off limits to anyone under the age of 21 so our grandsons couldn’t eat there.  So we searched until we found an acceptable alternative…

The Boathouse Grill was big and busy but they had lots of indoor and outdoor seating available.  We hadn’t researched this restaurant but we took a chance as we needed to eat soon.  Otherwise, we weren’t going to make it to our ferry to the mainland at its scheduled departure time…
As I mentioned in my previous blog, golf cart parking is a premium.  David and Amy jammed their golf cart into the curb right next to the telephone pole as shown above.  I drove around for a bit before I could find another spot…

We opted for patio dining… This allowed us to watch the entertainment walking by on the main drag.  There were lots of tourists like us, drunken day trippers, some true characters, crazies, studs and bikinis…

This carousel is directly across the street from where we sat at the Boathouse Grill.  This is Kimberly’s Carousel…a 1917 Herschel model and one of the very few truly old carousels or merry-go-rounds in operation in the country.

We started out with a bunch of appetizers… This was the Creamy Crab Asiago Dip with Pita Chips. ($9.95) It was pretty darn good, especially after I added a bit of Tabasco to my chips!

Did I mention that David II and I seem to fall into a sort of a father / son eating challenge whenever we get together?  We ordered more appetizers…this time the Combo Platter. ($13.95) This included onion rings, jalapeno poppers, cheese sticks and pickle spears with a red sauce for dipping.  A second order of cheese sticks rounded out the appetizers… Emmett Lee loves cheese sticks!  Everything was good if not great…

Emmett kept his dinner simple with a cheeseburger and applesauce…

Laurie is a lobster fanatic!  She couldn’t resist the Lake Erie Seafood Roll. ($14.95) Why it’s called a Lake Erie Seafood Roll is a bit of a question mark… It didn’t contain walleye or perch, but rather shrimp and lobster.  She couldn’t identify much lobster in the sandwich but she said that it was OK.

Then there was my dinner entrée… Have you ever heard about having too much of a good thing?  This was the perfect example of that saying!  This is the “Brig Lawrence” aka “The Barge”. ($14.95) This bun-less 10 oz. burger was grilled, coated with beer batter and deep fried.  Then it was topped with deep fried bacon, chili, cheese, diced tomato and roasted garlic sour cream.  Yikes!  This was not a good idea…but at least I can now say that I’ve had battered and deep fried bacon as well as a hamburger.  About all I could taste was the fried batter…

This was the “Brig Caledonia” aka “The Whaler”. It comes either as a single 10 oz. burger or a double… ($11.95 or $17.95) This was a single patty with cheddar cheese, bacon, onion straws, lettuce and tomato, smothered in BBQ sauce.

David III ordered what I should have had… This is the basic 10 oz. burger with American cheese.  It’s called the “Brig Niagara” aka the “Lyman”. ($9.95) We liked the fact that they toast the buns at the Boathouse Grill.
In case you’re wondering about the names given to most of the burger creations… they’re named after the ships and boats that comprised Admiral Perry’s fleet at the Battle of Put-in-Bay during the War of 1812.

This is a special burger that was recently added to the menu.  It’s the “Bicentennial Burger”. ($12.95) FYI…the Battle of Put-in-Bay was fought 200 years ago this year.  This burger is topped with blue cheese crumbles, bacon and siracha sauce.
The Boathouse Grill offers more than just Burgers.  Other dining options include dinner salads, wraps, a number of sandwiches including walleye and perch plus a number of dinner baskets. Service was good and the food was OK if not great.  It filled our needs.  The restaurant is located on Delaware Avenue in Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island in Ohio.  Phone: 419-285-5665.  The website for Boathouse Grill is
Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…
Thanks for stopping by for a meal with us on South Bass Island!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. aah David I love this food look amazing, Im hungry lol

  2. David when hubby to some office lunch we always ask him what you eat?? we love make this, and love to know what is eating people in others parts:))

  3. Deep fried bacon would be a first for me.