Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Chicken Wings Plus…in a Mexican Restaurant

As Laurie and I have cruised through parts of Eastern Tennessee, we have repeatedly noted but in 4 + years have never visited a chain of Mexican restaurants that are scattered across the area.  So…today was the day to give one of them a try!

This is Mexi-Wing II, which is located in Madisonville Tennessee.  A search of the Internet revealed Mexi-Wing restaurants numbered up to VII.  I couldn’t locate any corporate office or headquarters location… In any case, I could find 6 of the 7 numbered locations.  In addition to this restaurant in Madisonville, I found Mexi-Wing restaurants in Cleveland, Chattanooga, Athens, Sweetwater and Etowah Tennessee.

This is a photo of the interior of the Madisonville Mexi-Wing location. It was clean if a bit dark.  Customers were few and far between on this weeknight…

As usual with most Mexican Restaurants, our waitress started us out with warm tortilla chips and salsa.  I thought the salsa was good but a bit mild.  Laurie thought that it was just right… I asked if they had a hotter salsa, but the waitress said that this was their only version.  When we ran out of chips, our waitress brought more to the table without being asked.

Hey…if a restaurant is called Mexi-Wings, there must be a reason!  We ordered 10 Hot Wings. ($6.99) They were perfect!  Spicy, crispy and meaty… These wings were as good as any we’ve eaten in the past few years.
How do you like your wings?  At Mexi-Wings you can order them mild, medium, hot, XHOT, super-hot, BBQ, BBQ hot, Teriyaki, lemon pepper, nuclear sauce or Thai chili sauce.  You can choose to accompany them with Ranch or Bleu Cheese dressing for dipping.  We asked for both…  

For my dinner, I ordered the Grilled Steak Chimichanga. ($8.75)  This is a stuffed flour tortilla with slices of grilled steak, deep fried to a golden brown, topped off with cheese sauce and accompanied with lettuce, sour cream, guacamole and pico de galo.  The sides were the omnipresent rice and refried beans. 
I’m not into guacamole so I asked for it on the side as Laurie really does enjoy it.  The Grilled Steak Chimichanga was very good…with lots of grilled steak inside.  Unlike many versions I’ve had before, you could actually taste the steak with every bite.  The sides were OK too…
Once I got home and looked at the menu more thoroughly, I noticed the very reasonably priced dessert menu.  Items included: Flan ($2.99); Fried Ice Cream ($2.99); Sopapillas ($1.99); Sopapillas with Ice Cream ($3.99) and; a Banana Burrito ($3.50).  I was lucky not to have noticed this portion of the menu!

For her entrée, Laurie chose her favorite…a shredded chicken Quesadilla with cheese accompanied by lettuce, guacamole and sour cream. ($7.50) She thought that her quesadilla was very good.
The menu was extensive…with an “American section” in addition to the many Mexican choices.  There are also a number of Lunch Specials, Mexican Combinations, Vegetarian Combos and Appetizers.  We will return!  While we can duplicate the quality of the Mexican entrees at other Mexican restaurants within a 20 mile radius of our home, the wings alone make Mexi-Wings Restaurants a must stop on our casual dining list!
The Madisonville Tennessee Mexi-Wings is located at 4027 US Highway 411.  Phone: 423-442-2544.  To view the menu, just click on this link: http://www.monroecountychamber.org/new/pages/members_dining/mexiwingsIII.pdf
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  1. We ate there a couple of times when it was called something else and always enjoyed it. Good to hear you had such a nice experience.

  2. I love Mexican food --but after living near Houston for 12 yrs. I have had a hard time finding really good Mexican food here in TN... We go to our local one here (Cancun's--also a chain) and usually order the fajitas for two... Delicious!!!!

    I'll check out the one you went to if and when we are down that way... Speaking of being down there, I'm sure you have eaten at Bradley's (BBQ) on Highway 68....

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Just reading what you ate made me ravenous! I wish they had these restaurants in Georgia. My husband was stationed in Yuma, Arizona, during his army time and he loves Mexican food – we are always ready to try new Mexican restaurants. We ate at a very good one in San Francisco last time we were there, I don’t remember the name but I took a photo. We ate at a Mexican restaurant this past week, but the food was so-so. Next time I’ll order what your wife had, it does look delicious.

  4. Dear Dave, It sounds like you and Laurie enjoyed your meal.
    I am happy that the restaurant put enough steak so that you tasted it in every bite.
    The place also seems priced reasonable. That is good too.
    I love crispy wings too. I so like them a bit spicy.
    Blessings to you and Laurie, Catherine