Monday, June 9, 2014

More Burgers with the Grandsons...

What can I say!  Growing boys like hamburgers!  Another day out with our grandsons up in the Cleveland Ohio area…  Where did they want to go for lunch?  This time it was Red Robin Gourmet Burgers.

Of course Laurie and I have been to Red Robin before…starting many years ago out in Arizona.  The interior of the restaurants in this chain is always pleasant and warm.

There I am with David III and Emmett Lee… Our waiter was taking our order.

We decided to try Red Robin’s Pretzel Bites as an appetizer. ($5.00) The Bites were OK with the mustard based dipping sauce.

Laurie ordered a bowl of the French Onion Soup for her lunch. ($4.99) To paraphrase the old hamburger ad…”Where’s the Cheese?”  Laurie was not particularly happy with this weak attempt to create a real bowl of one of her favorite soups…

To try to keep my diet halfway healthy, I ordered a side of broccoli to accompany my hamburger.  Pitiful isn’t it!  It should have never been allowed to leave the kitchen and our waiter should have been embarrassed to serve this side…

I’ll keep this short… We all ordered burgers.  There was a Big Ghost Tavern Burger ($9.79), a Tavern Double Burger ($6.99) and a basic Cheeseburger. ($4.79) Emmett Lee ordered mandarin oranges as his side…a healthy choice!  I had to ask for mayonnaise despite ordering it on my burger.  I received French fries even though I'd expressly not ordered them.  I had to ask for a refill on my coffee... Yikes! 

The boys were happy enough with their burgers…but I thought that my Big Ghost Tavern Burger was ‘just OK’.  We’ve never been enamored with Red Robin Restaurants, treating them as just a fuel stop only…and this experience did not enhance their reputation in our mind! 

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers has over 500 restaurants nationwide.  Franchises are available… This particular location is at 36565 Euclid Avenue in Willoughby Ohio.  Phone: 440-602-9766.  Website:  

Just click on any of the photos…especially the broccoli and the soup…if you’d like a closer look!

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Take Care, Big Daddy Dave 


  1. Too bad this burger joint didn't live up to the experience of the previous one. At least the boys were happy.

  2. ah the boys always willñ be happy with theirs burgers but what a mess you doen´t order french fries and you received!
    But I have to say the food look good!
    You ate the broccolis David??lol

  3. Yipes.... I had heard so much about Red Robin --but we had never been there----UNTIL one time about a year or so ago when we were traveling somewhere... We went to one ---and neither of us were impressed at all.. We have not been back... Besides the bad service you had, that place is WAY over-priced I think... Oh Well...