Monday, July 7, 2014

A St. Louis Missouri Suburban Grill and More Family…

One more stop on our spring family visit/food tour of the St. Louis Missouri area… We were staying with one of Laurie’s nieces and her husband.  We took the family out for dinner the first evening.  However on our last night in town, John wasn’t feeling well, (plus he had jet lag from a European business trip), so Judy took us out for dinner…

Our kind of place...a casual local restaurant! Mulligan's Grill is a family owned and operated business that has been in Ellisville Missouri for 19 years.  I later discovered that Mulligan’s claims to serve, or allegedly has, the best chicken wings in the St. Louis area. 

It’s almost always a great sign when a restaurant is busy! (However, Laurie and I both recall a terrible restaurant in Kingston Ontario Canada that was packed at dinner time and which advertised Chinese, Canadian and American cuisine. OMG!)

Mulligan’s was clean, the service was efficient and the décor was a cross between a corner restaurant and a sports bar.  There are 4 TV’s visilbe in this photo alone…just in case you didn’t want to converse with your dining companions.  One might think that with a name like Mulligan’s, this had to be an Irish operation… However, in this case, a ‘mulligan’ is a golf term and the menu was constructed along the same theme…

This is Mulligan’s Fish & Chips 2-piece meal. ($8.95 / $9.95 for 3 pieces of cod) It comes with waffle fries and coleslaw but if I remember correctly, the French fries were delivered to the table although cottage cheese had been requested as a substitute… This was Judy’s dinner. 

I went with the “Double Bogey”, 12 oz. of ground chuck with cheddar cheese and coleslaw as my side dish. ($8.75) The bun was nice and firm, a necessity given the amount of meat, and the burger was cooked just right…medium rare as requested!  The coleslaw was good if just a little bland.

Laurie spotted one of her favorite sandwiches on the menu!  She ordered “The Mashie”, a French dip sandwich…with thin sliced roast beef and melted provolone cheese on a nice hoagie bun. ($9.95) The sandwich was very good, the au jus was just right and she liked the coleslaw too!

We liked the food at Mulligan’s as well as the atmosphere!  We will return again, test out the claims about those famous wings and try something else on their menu as well… Mulligan’s Grill is located at 11 Clarkson Road in Ellisville Missouri. Phone: 636-391-6880.  Website:

These were our hosts…Laurie’s niece Judy and her husband John.  In this photo they are holding their grandchildren baby Liam and his older brother Isaac.  Hey guys, thanks for the hospitality! 

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Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

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  1. Cute theme based on golf. I would have never figured it out until I got to your good looking "Double Bogey" burger.