Monday, January 26, 2015

‘Oystermania’ – Felix’s in New Orleans

It was our first night in New Orleans and it was time to find someplace for dinner… I fell back on a restaurant that I’d last eaten at back in 1977 or so!  I was looking for someplace that screamed “Old New Orleans” while being 'nice' to my wallet at the same time.

This is Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar… This traditional restaurant is located in the heart of New Orleans' French Quarter.  It has been serving local customers and visitor’s fresh seafood for over 70 years.  It was a Friday night and there was a line of hopeful patrons waiting outside the restaurant.

It had been roughly 37 years since I last frequented Felix’s…and other than the flat screen televisions, I don’t think much has changed!  We opted to sit at the bar to avoid a long wait for a table…

Choosing to sit at the bar was an excellent and cost effective decision!  The gentleman shucking oysters in this photo is Isadore.  He’s been working at Felix’s for many years.  His work station was right in front of us…

Yes…that is a freshly shucked raw oyster.  When Isadore learned that Laurie had never eaten oysters…raw or otherwise…he immediately shucked one for her, provided the necessary lemon and Tabasco and convinced her to give one a try.  Guess what?  Laurie actually loved her first raw oyster!

FYI…There is no way…other than for a large sum of money…that I’d consume one of these things!

This oyster shucking counterman was working right next to Isadore.  He and the others nearby picked up on Laurie eating her first oyster and a lively banter started up… He showed us this trick balancing 2 forks on a toothpick.  He had me perform the trick and even I was able to do it!

What’s this?!!  Did I forget to mention that the guys shucking the oysters continued to ply Laurie with oysters…with Isadore leading the way!  One oyster was about the size of a salad plate!  Laurie loved the oysters and just kept downing them.  The best part, from my point of view, was that her half-dozen raw oysters were provided free of charge! (Normally $8.75 for 6 oysters)

Isadore really got a kick out of the fact that he’d made an ‘oyster convert’!  He probably shucked 300 oysters while we watched him work.  He’s a very nice guy and a native of New Orleans…5th generation of Isadore's!

We took this photo of a dozen raw oysters freshly shucked on the half shell in ice and ready for delivery to one of the tables. ($14.95 per dozen)

As I mentioned, oysters aren’t something I eat or want to eat… Fortunately the menu at Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar includes many other items that I do like.  I ordered the Catfish Platter with French fries, hush puppies and coleslaw. ($15.95) It was very good…with a really nice crust on the plentiful pieces of fish!

Other items on the menu include turtle soup, seafood gumbo, jambalaya, fried soft-shell crab, a variety of shrimp offerings, po-boys and crawfish etoufee.  The most expensive entrée is the seafood platter, featuring shrimp, oysters and fried fish. ($20.95) Of course, this being New Orleans, there is also a full bar…

Laurie wasn’t done eating… She decided that since she liked raw oyster so much, she should order a half-dozen Char-Grilled Oysters. ($11.45) She really liked the raw oysters…and she loved the grilled oysters! Her sister Bonnie  told her she "had to try the raw oysters!" And her nephew Kyle told her she "had to try the Char-Grilled Oysters!'  She was very happy she tried both! Thank you Bonnie & Kyle! Delicious!!

Oyster lovers should know that, in addition to oysters on the half shell and grilled oysters, Felix’s also offers Oysters Rockefeller, Oysters Bienville and an oyster offering of the day… The prices for the latter three options are the same as the Grilled Oysters, $11.45 for a half-dozen and $19.45 for a dozen.

We really enjoyed our casual dinner at Felix’s!  The funky laid back atmosphere combined with that old time feeling and good food at a decent (New Orleans) price, made for a great first night’s meal.  Of course, Isadore and his compatriots were a major plus too! Very nice people indeed!

Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar is located 739 Iberville Street in New Orleans’ French Quarter.  Phone: 504-522-4440.  Website:

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  1. Felix's sounds like a good place and Laurie had the same raw oyster experience as I did.

  2. Laurie went to the right place for her first oyster! I've been to Felix's Restaurant and know those oysters are good. The rest of the food looks delicious too. My dad ate raw oysters when available and I learned from him, usually put one on a cracker, Tabasco and pepper. Have a good rest of the week!

  3. Dear Dave, I am glad the Laurie enjoyed the oysters. I love them too. I like them cooked though. I think I was a bit more adventurous to eat them raw when I was younger; isn't that funny. Now, I prefer them cooked.
    Your meal looks great too. It really does look like a fun city to visit. I am so happy for you to enjoy this vacation. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Catherine