Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Late Casual Dinner – Chesterfield MO

After a busy day filled with family visits and lots of socializing, our evening plans were slightly derailed when Laurie’s sister Bonnie and her husband Bill had to head home early to handle a malfunctioning hot tub.  Laurie and I were on our own for dinner…but Bonnie and Bill recommended that we try a casual dining spot in Chesterfield Missouri that they like…  

This is the Syberg’s Eating and Drinking Company’s restaurant in Chesterfield.  Syberg’s concept must be popular because by July 6th, there will be 6 Syberg’s locations in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. 

As you can see, the interior of Syberg’s is a combination pub and sports bar with lots of dark wood and a plethora of TV screens!  Since it was late and possibly because it was a holiday weekend, customer traffic was fairly light…with a bunch of servers standing around with little to do.  Shortly after we arrived a baseball team with coaches in tow, took over a large group of tables so the pace picked up a bit…

Laurie and I decided to try 2 different menu items… This is the 12” Build Your Own Syberg’s St. Louis Style Thin Crust Pizza. ($12.99)

The crust was very thin but it held up well.  Both the pepperoni and Italian sausage were a good quality.  The standard cheese topping for pizza in St. Louis is provel cheese vs. the usual mozzarella.  Most interestingly, Syberg’s uses a blend of both cheeses.  This yielded a nice creamy cheese topping that is just an excellent change of pace from either variety used in the blend.  We really liked this pizza!

The menu includes a lot of interesting items that differ from the norm… Appetizers include Grilled Shark Chunks, Toasted Ravioli and ‘Sygoons’, the house variation of fried wontons.  There are a wide variety of salads, wraps, sandwiches and burgers available.  In addition, there are dinner entrees including a number of pasta items.  If a Syberg’s restaurant were located near us Laurie would have to try the Cajun Shrimp and Lobster Pasta ($14.99) and the Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese. ($12.99)  

For our second ‘snack’ we ordered 12 Wings ($12.99) with Syberg’s Original Famous Wing Sauce.  The wings were ‘meaty’ and cooked perfectly.  The waiter had warned us that the sauce was spicy and, as you can see, it is mustard based.  It was very good indeed, providing just the perfect amount of ‘heat’ for us!

Syberg’s Eating and Drinking Company is a party sport bar for sure.  However, the food was a couple of notches above average and the variety of choices was also above the norm… We’ll definitely dine at Syberg’s when we return to St. Louis for another visit with family and friends.  Thanks for the tip Bonnie and Bill!

The Syberg’s Eating and Drinking Company location in Chesterfield Missouri is located at 17392 Chesterfield Airport Road.  Phone: 636-532-7600.  Check out the Website at:

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  1. They seem to be doing a fine job getting you to good eating places

  2. That pizza looks delicious and I'd love to have a slice now this early morning! Hope your weather is cooler now and you've had some rain. It's 58 degrees here now, kind of crazy, chilly today and tomorrow. Have a Happy Fourth Weekend! Take care

  3. By the way, we had the heat on this morning! Don't you wish you were back here now. :-) It sure doesn't seem like summer!

  4. Sorry Dave, I meant to put the comment below on this post.
    Take care and all the best to Laurie.