Monday, September 7, 2015

Lied Lodge and Conference Center – Nebraska City NE

It was our last night on the road before arriving at our family’s home in the Omaha area.  It turned out that there was a lot to see and do at this stop!

I’d done some research on places to stay in Nebraska City Nebraska and I’d chosen the Lied Lodge and Conference Center.  I lucked out as our overnight stay was scheduled at a time when there wasn’t much going on at the Lodge.  So I booked a Bed and Breakfast package…

With environmental programs that focus on trees, conservation, and environmental stewardship, Lied Lodge and Conference Center was designed to serve as a resource for the Arbor Day Foundation members, other conservation-related organizations, teachers, forestry professionals, and any other organization or company.  The Lodge is inextricably tied in to the Arbor Day Foundation and the Arbor Day Farm. 

There are trees everywhere around Lied Lodge… The setting is very peaceful and laid back.  If one is looking for amusement parks or other high tension activities, this is not the place for you!

However, if one would like to provide a nice change of pace for their family with an ‘adventure’ to match, Arbor Tree Farm offers their “Tree Adventure”.  Visitors can experience the Nature Explore Classroom, walk the trails, explore the treehouse, take the hour long Discovery Ride and finish off their experience with a free tree to take home with them… To learn more about Arbor Day Farm’s “Tree Adventure” go to

This is one of the decorative items that we noted in the lobby area of Lied Lodge.  It is a “Tribulum”, a threshing sledge.  This is a representation of what is possibly the oldest recorded farm implement in recorded history.  A 3,000 year old clay tablet was found in southern Iraq, (i.e. Mesopotamia), that contained a rough representation of this tool.  When dragged over the hay, the rough surface separates the grain from the straw…  


The foyer or entry hall to Lied Lodge is big and impressive.  The Adirondack styling of big timbers and stone set this hotel apart from the average run of the mill operation.  The lodge has 140 recently renovated guest rooms and suites, a fine dining restaurant, cocktail lounge, indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, spa, fitness center and gift shop.  A number of golf courses are located nearby.

This is a view of the back of Lied Lodge.  This long porch or terrace provides visitors a chance to sit and relax while looking out over the valley and the adjacent forest. 

Looking from the terrace of the lodge, visitors can see the Morton Mansion at Arbor Lodge State Historical Park.  We visited it the next morning and it is indeed an impressive historic home.  More on the Mansion will follow in a subsequent posting…

Another nearby attraction is the Wildwood Historic Center.  That center includes a Victorian Home with docents in period costume, the Barn Art Gallery and a Victorian Garden.  To learn more about the Wildwood Historic Center, go to

Can you guess what this leafy object is?  There is a lot of attention to detail at Lied Lodge and Conference Center.  Keep in mind that the over-riding theme is trees… This is a beautifully designed door handle used for the doors to the Lodge’s terrace.

It was time for breakfast at the Lied Lodge.  This is the Timber Dining Room.  Yes, it is almost empty.  The small conference group that was meeting at the Lodge during our visit had already had breakfast and there was only one other table besides ours that was occupied.  We had a window seat but the view of the timbers above us was almost as impressive as the greenery outside our window. 

Now for the breakfast portion of our Bed and Breakfast special package deal.  We started with some top notch fresh orange juice and some very good coffee…  

Laurie and I had basically the same breakfasts…except that she had bacon and I had sausage.  The easy over eggs were cooked correctly and the hash browns were crispy as requested.  I had the rye toast and she had sourdough… We enjoyed our breakfast and the peaceful start to our day!

The Lied Lodge and Conference Center is located at 2700 Sylvan Road in Nebraska City Nebraska.  Phone: 800-546-5433.  Website:

Much more about Nebraska City and the Morton Mansion to follow… Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. What a lovely place to stay and your breakfast looks fabulous. This reminds me of the North Carolina mountains with regard to the interior architecture.

  2. Looks like you booked yourself into a very nice place