Wednesday, December 9, 2015

“Tranquility” at Cedar Key!

I wanted to tell you about the accommodations that we enjoyed while staying in Cedar Key Florida. 

We stayed in “Tranquility”, a 3rd floor condo in the Old Fenimore Mill condo complex… This is a view of the living area looking out at the deck.  

Note the telescope and the computer on the desk.  A TV occupies that cabinet in the middle of the room.  The computer hook up leaves a bit to be desired but we were told that up front and Laurie’s ‘smart phone’ worked just fine…

This is the other side of the living area… The condo has that ‘seaside feeling’ and it was very comfortable. 

Note: There isn’t an elevator and we were on the top level…with parking amidst the piers supporting the building.  If climbing stairs is a problem, this condo wouldn’t be your cup of tea.

The kitchen is fully equipped with pans, dishes, silverware, cups, glasses, etc.  There were even some spices in the cupboards.  Everything was nice and clean.  We hardly used the kitchen during the 2 days we stayed here but for a longer stay it would be more than adequate to serve visitor’s needs.

The top photo shows the master bedroom.  It had an ensuite bathroom which is great for privacy when traveling with others.  The second bedroom was right across the hall from the second full bathroom…  

Note: "Tranquility" is also equipped with a washer and dryer.

The very best feature of this condo was the deck and the view it afforded from our 3rd floor perch overlooking nearby keys and the surrounding waters.  The view was beautiful and also quite interesting as the tides came and went…

We didn’t go fishing…but as you can see from this photo of the condo complexes fish cleaning station, (adjacent to the dock), it appears that the waters around Cedar Key have an abundance of fish waiting to be caught!

We were able to observe an abundance of birdlife from our deck…  We watched this American White Ibis fishing in the mud flats below us.  There will be much more on the birds in this area in a subsequent posting.

This is a view of the Old Fenimore Mill condos taken from the property’s dock at low tide.  Our condo was the last one to the right on the top floor of the furthest building in this photo.

While relaxing on the dock and just enjoying the sights, this local clam boat came on down the waterway… Note how the boat is set up with the pilot’s controls in the bow.
I tried researching the design but discovered that there are a plethora of many clam boat styles.  I’m guessing that in the shallow waters around Cedar Key, the forward position of the pilot helps avoid going aground and maneuverability.  The stern of these boats is actually just above the water level so nets can more easily be dragged in to harvest the clams.

While on the dock, we also observed this flock of Roseate Spoonbills searching for food along the edges of a small mudflat.  The spoon-shaped bill allows this bird to sift easily through mud.  This 2.5 + tall shorebird feeds on crustaceans, aquatic insects, frogs, newts and very small fish ignored by larger waders.

Let’s go back to the views…  Sunrise and sunset at Tranquility can be spectacular!  What a great way to start and end a day in this laid back corner of old Florida.

In a previous posting about Cedar Key, I’d noted that cats rule here!  As I was checking out at the Old Fenimore Mill office, I had to pass inspection by a couple of locals…  

Based on our experience, we recommend the “Tranquility” condo unit at the Old Fenimore Mill condominium complex in Cedar Key Florida.  To contact the owner directly to arrange a stay you can go to

Old Fenimore Mill Condos are beautifully located on a waterfront point close to ‘downtown’ Cedar Key.  Address: 11 Old Mill Drive.  Phone: 352-543-9803.  Website:

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

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  1. Looks like a fine place to stay especially with the views

  2. Sounds like a nice condo with great views!

  3. Hey Dave! Thanks for your great review of Tranquility! We're still here - our primary website is now at

    We'd love to see you again!