Monday, January 4, 2016

The Last Leg of our Florida Trip – Driving Home!

We were finally on our way home from our September journey to Tampa, Cedar Key Florida and western Georgia…

The only problem about any driving trip to Georgia or Florida from East Tennessee is the fact that you have to pass around, by or through Atlanta!  This is non-rush hour traffic on I-75 north of Atlanta by Marietta.  At least we weren’t headed south…  

Shortly after passing Marietta Georgia, I got off the Interstate and took US Hwy. 411 north.  It’s not limited access but it is a little shorter, takes just a few minutes longer and traffic is minimal…

When it was time for lunch, we stopped in Chatsworth Georgia, just a little south of the Georgia – Tennessee State Line.  As we drove through town we spotted Edna’s Restaurant and it looked pretty popular with the locals…

It was a little after the lunch rush on a weekday and there were still quite a few customers.  The restaurant was clean and neat and the waitress was friendly, efficient and helpful.

Edna’s Restaurant is a classic meat and three, (or two), style southern restaurant.  I ordered the Fried Chicken with a side of coleslaw, creamed corn and cornbread muffin.  It was basic but it was all good!  The price was even better…$5.95!

Laurie went for the chicken in gravy over stuffing, mashed potatoes with brown gravy, a cornbread muffin and beets… Again, the price was $5.95!  Plus, the food was just plain good!  Nothing fancy at Edna’s but the food is a real value and the quality of the meal are solid.

Edna’s is a family owned restaurant.  In addition to our choices, they offer ham shanks, meatloaf, chicken livers, fried fish, chicken fried steak and a plethora of vegetables and sides.

To compliment all this southern comfort food, Edna’s is also famous for pie!  We couldn’t resist splitting a slice of coconut pie. ($2.80) It lived up to its reputation! 

We would recommend stopping at Edna’s Restaurant anytime you’re passing through Chatsworth Georgia.  They are open from 11 AM through 7:45 PM Monday – Saturday.  The restaurant is located at 1300 US Hwy. 411 South.  Phone: 706-695-4951.  

Edna’s doesn’t have a website but you can check out a bunch of reviews at Trip Advisor.  Just go to

Now this is our kind of highway.  Minimal traffic, great scenery and nearing our home in East Tennessee…  Another beautiful day in paradise and yet another road trip completed!

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Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. We always go 411 when heading south, even in the RV and I believe I've seen Edna's. Maybe sometime if we're not on a mission (like getting to Marco in one day), we'll stop for a meal.

  2. The traffic looks like a nightmare, just like here, but that creamed corn and coconut pie sure look delicious! Happy New Year Dave, to you and your family!

  3. That's some good home-style cooking! It looks good! I'm the worst in a car when it comes to road trips and Bill's still trying to talk me into one out west. No way, that's what planes are for! Take care and hope you and Laurie are having a great start to the New Year!