Friday, July 22, 2016

Ogo’s – A Down Home Buffet in Keokuk Iowa

I really hadn’t planned for lunch in Keokuk on our drive from Springfield Illinois to Omaha Nebraska.  I’d picked out another town a bit further west along IA Hwy 2 for lunch but we got tied up taking photos in Keokuk and it was getting late.  So as we drove through Keokuk, we had our eyes open for a luncheon opportunity in the outskirts…

It was looking like we might not find anything and then we spotted Ogo’s Restaurant and Buffet.  It was early Sunday afternoon on the Memorial Day weekend and Ogo’s was quite busy.

This restaurant is pretty unassuming from the outside…just your basic building without much bling.

The inside is fairly basic too with lots of big tables for families or to share with others.  The low ceilings make the dining area just a little claustrophobic.  The age of the average patron definitely leaned toward pre-WWII and the baby boomer generations.

This is the only photo that we took of the buffet area in Ogo’s.  It is fairly tight here with the salads to the left, the meat, potatoes and vegetables in the middle and desserts at the lower left of the photo.  Within 10 minutes of our arrival, the line for Sunday dinner was out the door and the buffet area was packed with folks…

This was my first platter of food… The chicken fried steak was good as was the beef and noodles.  The fried chicken was very good!!  I focused on the chicken for my second helping and I could have kept eating except for the fact that I didn’t want to fall asleep from food overload and we had a long drive ahead of us yet…

Laurie also liked the fried chicken a lot.  She also gave high grades to the stuffing!  The beans were canned and the mashed potatoes were just OK but the most important items were above average for a buffet… 

We both had a couple of small desserts… The pie was decent and we both loved the peach cobbler. 

The people were nice and the clientele were obviously loyal patrons… Everybody seemed to know everyone else.  As for the price, it was insane!  There is a senior discount so our buffet dinners for two, including beverages and sales tax cost a grand total of $18.55!  Such a deal!

Ogo’s Restaurant and Buffet is located at 3753 Main Street in Keokuk Iowa.  Phone: 319-524-6457.  The restaurant and their buffet menu is on Facebook at  Their website isn’t functioning…

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for a ‘light’ lunch!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. I am very claustrophobic Dave, so maybe this place is not for me. But the food looks really good so I would go anyway...I just wouldn't look at the ceiling:)

  2. Dear Dave, There really is nothing better than fried chicken. I am glad that you a Laurie enjoyed your meals. Too bad the beans were canned, fresh is always best and the prices for fresh are reasonable this time of year. With such good chicken the place really should do fresh.