Friday, September 16, 2016

A New Casual Italian Dining Option in Knoxville TN

I keep an eye on local Facebook feedback on local restaurants, especially one’s that are new to the area.  As a result, we’re always trying someplace new.  In this case, an Ohio favorite for some local transplants came to town and they were elated to have a taste of home in Knoxville…

This is LaRosa’s Family Pizzeria.  As per LaRosa’s website: “In 1954 Buddy LaRosa opened his first family pizzeria on Cincinnati's West Side.  His Sicilian-born father told him he was crazy. "You gonna sell pizza? ‘Med-i-gans' never gonna buy pizza from you," he said.  Who could argue with him?  After all, back then many Americans hadn't even heard of pizza.

If I counted correctly, LaRosa’s franchise operations are indeed a success.  Focused around Cincinnati but reaching into much of south and central Ohio, this 65+ location chain can be found in Kentucky, Indiana and now Knoxville.  Most of the LaRosa’s restaurants are clustered in the tri-state area around Cincinnati. 

LaRosa’s dining area is open, bright and has a friendly feel to it.  Waiters and waitresses take your order and provide needed services.
LaRosa’s is more than a pizza parlor… In addition to the obvious, the menu offers appetizers, wings, salads, calzones, hoagies, pasta and desserts.  Catering service is also available.

I didn’t order pizza.  I wanted to try another basic so that I could get a better feel for LaRosa’s offerings.  This nice side salad came with my entrée…

Sorry for the blurry photo… I must have been in a hurry to get to my plate of Spaghetti in meat sauce with 3 meatballs. ($10.74 with the side salad included) I enjoyed my meal.  The meatballs had a nice texture and flavor.  The spaghetti meat sauce was fine if just a little sweet for my taste.  

Laurie loves pizza so she ordered a large 'create your own pizza' with pepperoni and spicy sausage. ($15.99) The crust was fairly thin as we like but there was too much tomato sauce and the sauce was much sweeter than we like on our pizzas.  The meat and cheese were of good quality but the sweet sauce tended to cancel out the flavor of those ingredients.

Of course, opinions on what makes a great pizza are all over the place.  It’s really a matter of personal preference and what you grew up with.  Our search for ‘our’ ideal pizza here in East Tennessee continues…but we’re sure that many folks will be happy with LaRosa’s entering this market.

LaRosa’s Family Pizzeria in Knoxville is located at 9169 Kingston Pike. (The corner of Kingston Pike and Cedar Bluff Road) Phone: 888-527-6727.  LaRosa’s website can be found at

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  1. The photo made me hungry for spaghetti and meatballs so I understand your wanting to dig in.