Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Casual Breakfast in Apalachicola Florida

Unless you’re staying at a Bed and Breakfast, finding a standard bacon and eggs meal to start your day in Apalachicola is a challenge.  We were told that there is a Mexican restaurant across the 8 mile bridge and causeway in the town of Eastpoint that serves the usual American style breakfasts.  

Instead we opted for a ‘light’ breakfast alternative in Apalachicola…

This is Café con leche.  It’s located along Water Street in Apalachicola.  The sign states that it is an “Internet Café”.  Note the outdoor seating…

I was thinking that the name was French but Café con leche is a Spanish white coffee beverage.  It is somewhat more similar to the Italian caffè latte than to the French café au lait. (I just take mine black and strong…)

This is the service counter and part of the food prep area at Café con Leche.  It turned out that one could order bacon and eggs or breakfast sandwiches with a Hispanic touch…but we stuck with our original attention to stick to ‘light’ pastries and coffee.

Café con Leche is quirky to say the least.  None of the chairs or tables match, walls are decorated with offbeat art and other items, there are plenty of books to peruse, etc… The place seems popular with locals too which adds to the ‘flavor’ of this coffee house/restaurant.

Laurie ordered an almond scone.  It was just OK…nothing special, that’s for sure.  It was filling though.  I should note that we both thought that the coffee was pretty good.

I went for a cinnamon roll and I had it heated up.  I didn’t really care for it.  It was dry in the middle and lacked any of the zing that I expect from one of these breakfast treats.

Unsatisfied after the cinnamon roll, I spotted the apple fritters so I ordered one of these in the hope that my taste buds would be sated.  It worked!  While certainly not the best apple fritter I’ve ever had, it was pretty good. 

This photo pretty much summarizes Café con Leche and for that matter, Apalachicola too. (Laid back, quirky, dog friendly, cat friendly and people friendly) While we weren’t crazy about what we had for breakfast, it may be because we should have ordered something other than pastries.

We will return to Apalachicola in the not too distant future, that is a guarantee!  We will also come back to Café con Leche and order a couple of breakfast items to see what we might have missed.  After all, the most recent count of excellent/very good reviews for this place on was 182 vs. 17 poor/terrible. 

Café con Leche is located at 234 Water Street in Apalachicola Florida.  Phone: 850-653-2233.  This coffee shop/restaurant is on Facebook at

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  1. cinnamon roll + apple fritter = light breakfast ??? :-)

  2. Hi Dave, I am sorry you were disappointed in your choice of breakfast, but from your descriptions, I sure would have been as well. I do like bacon and eggs, but I do not like hot and spicy food, I cannot digest it well. But the traditional bacon and eggs or a western omelet...or fruit and cottage cheese are things I enjoy having for breakfast. Sometimes I will have only boiled eggs. Thank you so much for sharing, and I love a restaurant that loves animals. :)