Monday, April 24, 2017

Another Depot Plus Pizza!

We were headed north toward our home in East Tennessee…but that didn’t mean that I’d stopped looking for old railway depots along the way.  Our plan was to spend the night in Macon Georgia so we had time for lunch (last posting) and I took the time to get off I-75 in Tifton Georgia to look around.

This is the former Southern Railroad/Atlantic Coast Line combination passenger and freight depot in Tifton Georgia.  As you can see, it’s been well maintained.  It now serves as the home of the Tifton Chamber of Commerce.

This is a view of the back of the Southern/Atlantic Coast Line Railroad depot.  From what I could determine, it was built in 1916 – 1917.

I just liked this photo looking on down the tracks…

Tifton was all about the railroads…  The county was created in 1905.  It was named for Henry Harding Tift, who founded Tifton.  In 1872, Tift purchased about 65,000 acres of virgin pine timberland and established a sawmill along with a village for his workers.  He expanded into turpentine and barrel-making operations, and turned his barren timberlands into farms for cotton, corn, livestock, fruit, tobacco, pecans and sweet potatoes.  But the town really took off when the Georgia Southern and Florida Railway intersected the Brunswick and Western Railroad near Tift's mill in 1888.  That connected it to Atlanta…and Tifton became a boom town. 

I should have done more research before stopping off in Tifton.  Laurie took this photo because I thought that it looked like it might have been related to the area railroads.  It’s very close to the Southern/Atlantic Coast Line depot in the previous photos. 

Subsequent on-line research revealed that I missed 4 depots in Tifton!  The Railroad Station Historical Society Inc. website ( lists a 1916 Union Station, an Atlantic Coast Line freight depot, a ca. 1906 Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic station, and an additional 1905 Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic station that was moved here from Montezuma Georgia.  My ‘miss’ guarantees that Tifton will be included in my next set of Florida travel plans! 

Moving on to our overnight stay in Macon Georgia… 

It was dark by the time we checked into our hotel in Macon.  I had done some research and had listed 3 different restaurants as possibilities.  We were tired so we choose a very casual place close to our hotel … This is Ingleside Village Pizza.

Ingleside Village Pizza is a laid back and casual neighborhood joint…  It’s in an area of town that is mostly residential.  The décor could be termed funky eclectic!  Customers place their order at the window shown in the first photo above. 

This was our sausage and pepperoni pizza.  Although the crust was a little thicker than we prefer, the ingredients were above average…although those little ‘rabbit dropping’ sausage pieces are not visually appealing.  The price was right, that’s for sure.  This 16” pizza only cost $12.75!

Ingleside Village Pizza also offers salads and sub sandwiches along with a wide variety of beers.  At the time of our visit, their ratings showed 302 Excellent/Very Good vs. 8 Poor/Terrible Reviews.  Ingleside Village Pizza is located at 2395 Ingleside Avenue in Macon Georgia.  Phone: 478-750-8488.  Website:

Just click on any of the photo to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. I always enjoy your history info.

  2. Hi There, You know that I always enjoy your 'railroad posts'... My Dad worked for the railroad (Interstate --which became Southern), so back in the day, he got free passes so our family traveled by train quite a bit... Think I told you about going to California when I was 8 to my brother's wedding. We took the train west by the northern route and then back home by the southern route... I have memories --but wish I had been older! When I was about 15 or 16, Mom and Dad put me on the train at Bristol and I went to Florida by myself to visit my brother/family... I wasn't scared at all.. Had to change trains in Ooltawah, TN to head south.. I'll bet I went through Tifton on that trip. (Kids today--especially girls--could not take a trip like that alone.)

    That Pizza looks delicious... I love THICK crust!!!! ha


  3. I love buildings that were built in the early 1900's, Dave. I prefer thin crust pizza, but I am glad you enjoyed the pizza and the price was quite good, too!

  4. I love your photos looking down the tracks, I always wonder what's beyond. That's a great looking depot, well maintained and what's not to like with those palm trees and the brick walk way. With Bill retired from the RR, I've seen my share of depots and we always enjoy your photos of them. Interesting history with Tifton. Mr. Tift definitely provided the folks there with jobs. Good reading as usual, thanks Dave! Have a wonderful week!