Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Rolling River Bistro – Natchez Mississippi

We arrived in Natchez on an early Saturday evening, checked into our Hampton Inn, looked around downtown and the riverfront a little and then headed over to my choice for our first dinner in this old city…

This is Rolling River Bistro.  It’s located downtown on the oldest Main Street in Mississippi.  The restaurant itself is at 406 Main street and it’s entered through the doors in the middle of the photo.  That building was built in 1885.  Rolling River also owns the building to the left…with the lights around the window.  It was built in 1879.  “THE 408” is used for meetings, banquets and special events and a reception was being held there during our visit.

The dining room and bar at Rolling River Bistro is fairly small but the tables are well spaced for patron’s dining comfort. 

From 1885 to 1953, 406 Main Street served many functions.  It was a hardware store, a piano and furniture company, a men’s furnishings store as well as a restaurant and cafeteria.  Rolling River Bistro opened for business in 2014.  FYI…Entertainment is offered in the dining room apparently on a nightly basis.  We finished our meal before the music started. 

Laurie decided to try a house specialty adult beverage.  This was a Mississippi Mule…or was it?!  A ‘proper’ Mississippi Mule is sweet as it’s made using Southern Comfort.  Laurie doesn’t really like sweet drinks and she told me that this cocktail was a little dry but very refreshing.  As such, it may well have been closer to a “Moscow Mule” which is made with vodka.  In any case, she enjoyed this pre-dinner libation…while I stuck with my usual Miller Lite.

For our appetizer, we ordered the Irish Nachos.  This platter of seasoned French fries topped with corned beef, cheese, sliced jalapenos and a creamy sauce was a definite winner!  It was also very filling…but we managed to clean our plate…

I ordered a salmon sandwich with a side of greens for dinner.  It was a beautiful slab of salmon that was cooked perfectly.  When the waiter brought it to the table, it came with the wrong sauce but the problem was quickly corrected.  The brioche style bun was very nice but it didn’t hold up well with the salmon and sauce and it crumpled a bit.  I ended up eating part of the salmon with a fork.  Still…it was a very nice meal.

Laurie chose the House Pasta of the Day for her entrée.  This was chicken and sausage with béchamel sauce on penne pasta.  After that big appetizer, Laurie couldn’t finish her meal so I ‘had’ to help out…finishing off the meat portion that she’d left behind.  We both agreed that this rich entrée was excellent and that the sausage was extremely tasty.

We really enjoyed dining at Rolling River Bistro.  At the time I’m writing this post for my blog site, Trip Advisor participants had provided this restaurant with 89% excellent or very good reviews.  It’s a great place to dine in Natchez Mississippi.  Rolling River Bistro is located at 406 – 408 Main Street.  Phone: 601-442-6601.  Website:

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Thanks for stopping by to see what was for dinner!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave 


  1. After spending one night in Natchez in June with Wende, I want to make a longer return trip at some point with the coach and my girls. Your dinners look very good.

  2. Love it, Mississippi Mule and Irish Nachos, both in Natchez. Food looks good!

  3. That looks like quite a meal, Dave! And I love your photos and information.

  4. lovely pictures and food David :) :)

  5. Dear Dave, So glad that you both enjoyed your meals. That always makes the stay so much better. Take care, Catherine