Monday, August 12, 2019

A Restaurant in Sweetwater Tennessee plus a Breakfast Special

We’ve eaten at most of the restaurants within 30 minutes of our home in East Tennessee.  We’re always looking for new dining venues too.  In addition, we also spread ourselves around, with only a handful of nearby restaurants, (about 5 in total), that we visit more than 6 – 12 times a year.

Consequently, there are several restaurants within 30 minutes of home that we haven’t gotten back to in a couple of years or longer… On this occasion, we decided to re-visit one of those dining options for dinner.

This is Bradley’s Pit Barbeque and Grill in on TN Hwy 68 in Sweetwater Tennessee.  This large restaurant has seating for 120 patrons and it also offers patio dining in nice weather.  Bradley’s is located close to I-75 between Knoxville and Chattanooga and even has parking for semi-trucks and buses.

I failed to take a photo of ‘Bradley’s Sweet Side’, an ice cream shop that’s located at the west end of the parking lot.  We haven’t given it a try yet.

When you enter Bradley’s the first things that you encounter are the hostess station/cash register and a smattering of products for sale.

Upon entry, to your left you can see one of the two dining rooms in the restaurant, this one on the other side of a half wall. 

This is the dining room where we were seated.  There is a large TV on one wall and some country kitsch decorative items scattered around on the walls.  The room was clean and orderly.  Service was very good with the waitresses friendly and helpful.  We also felt that they’d been working at Bradley’s for a while.

The previous 2 photos show Laurie’s hamburger.  She ordered the newest item on the menu…a cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato and bacon jam…  She thought that it was excellent and she’d order it again!  The homemade potato chips were very good too.  I know because I finished them off for her!

I decided to take a chance on what I thought was an unusual menu item.  This was the Open Face Beef Brisket Sandwich.  With this creation, 2 slices of Texas toast (3 in this case) bracketed a heap of mashed potatoes, topped with pit barbeque brisket and slathered with a rich brown gravy.  I ordered coleslaw as my side but for some reason I was served a second heap of mashed potatoes and gravy.  It was a bit of overkill…

The brisket was quite tasty and smoky but, for me at least, the nice brown gravy just didn’t work with it.  The potatoes were very good too and the coleslaw was better than average.

Bradley’s Pit Barbeque and Grill is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week.  The menu offers sandwiches, steaks, burgers, chicken, fish, a stuffed potato and of course, a number of barbeque items.  

This restaurant is located at 517 New Highway 68 in Sweetwater Tennessee.  Phone: 423-351-7190.  Website:  For some reason, the menu is on a separate site… In any case, if you’d like to check out Bradley’s menu, it can be found at

One more food item… Our recent visit to Lonesome Dove netted me some leftover mashed potatoes.  I don’t like to waste food so they became part of my breakfast menu one morning.  I seasoned them with garlic and onion powder plus pepper, then fried them in Amish butter to brown them up a bit.  

Next I scattered a bunch of shredded sharp cheddar cheese on the potatoes, turning the whole mess over repeatedly until the cheese was partially fried around the edges.  Finally, I fried up a couple of over-easy eggs to drop on top.  Yum!  After this big breakfast, I skipped lunch…

That’s about it for now.  Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Since it's so out of the way, we haven't eaten at Bradley's in years but I think I recall we enjoyed it and your meals look delicious as does your breakfast.

  2. I really like the home cooked big breakfast, friend David. I would add plenty of vegetables plus 1 large Bullet Proof Coffee (1 teaspoon coconut butter, 1 teaspoon butter in coffee mixed frothy/creamy via Nutri Bullet)and make it a 6 hour culinary affair. That would do me for the next 18 hours of fasting with lemon water/ plain water only, since I live on OMAD (One Meal A Day). Love, cat.

    1. I'm making my own Mayo since I eat whole, preservative free foods only. I hope the link works for you. c.

  3. Dear Dave, There really is nothing like a good burger!! The leftovers seemed to make a pretty tasty breakfast as well. Have a great day!