Thursday, June 9, 2011

Romeo’s House of Pizza (1st Glance)

The other day, we were out and about and we decided that we could go for some pizza.  We’ve tried a few places for pizza in Knox, Monroe and Loudon Counties over here in East Tennessee.  Since we’re still not enamored with any of them, we’re still looking around.  Laurie thought about a place we’d never tried…Romeo’s House of Pizza in Loudon.

Romeo’s always seemed fairly busy when we drove past it on TN Hwy. 72 and, contrary to this photo, they had a nice steady stream of customers, many for pick up, while we were there.   The delivery business was bustling too…

Laurie took this photo right after we sat down… The restaurant was clean and the décor is about what you might expect for a family centered pizza/pasta business.  The employees were very nice and everyone was friendly and efficient.

We ordered our usual pizza…pepperoni and sausage.  Nice looking pizza, isn’t it?  Pizza is one of those dishes…much like BBQ…about which everyone has an opinion!  Thin crust, thick crust, crispy, doughy, stuffed, deep dish, sweet tomato sauce, spicy sauce, clam sauce, etc.  In this case, the crust was moderately thin and crispy…our preference.  Laurie liked the pizza, pointing out that it was better than others that we’d tried in the area.  I thought it was good…but the sauce, spices and meat didn’t pop with flavor that I’d hoped for.  Still, I agreed with her…it’s better than some of the others in the area and Romeo’s deserves a second visit…perhaps to try a small Meat Lover’s Pizza…with ham, pepperoni, meatballs, sausage and Genoa salami!   

So, on our second visit, we’ll have to try one other item from the menu as well.  Perhaps we’ll have a Grinder (14 varieties), a cheese steak, a hamburger, a wrap, a calzone or a even a dinner.  Dinners include garlic bread and a side salad.  Options include Baked Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan, Veal Parmesan, Eggplant Parmesan or Baked Ravioli.  Spaghetti and Baked Rigatoni are also available.

On a budget?  This is the place for you and the family!  Our large 2 topping pizza cost a whopping $11.00… That Meat Lover’s Pizza that I mentioned…it’s only $9.05 for a small and only $12.80 for a large pizza!  Except for the wraps, all sandwiches can be ordered in large or small sizes. 

Romeo’s House of Pizza is located at 1562 Highway 72 in Loudon, Tennessee.  Note: They deliver as far east as the south end of Tellico Village.  Romeo’s is open Sunday – Thursday from 11 AM to 9 PM and Friday - Saturday from 11 AM to 10 PM.  Phone: 865-458-1343 or 865-458-1344.

We will visit Romeo’s again and try a couple of other menu options.  Of course, when that happens, we’ll share our photos and our feedback.  Have a great day!


  1. I don't think I've seen this place but sounds like it's worth checking out.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to write about us! Just an FYI, we are pretty popular for our cheese steaks! Almost everything in our store is homemade & fresh. Our pizza cheese is shredded from a 50lb block-our own combination of cheeses. Sauces, Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan, fresh garlic butter, tuna salad, & pizza dough are our recipes. We cut our meats & cheeses in house like a deli. This includes the Italian sausage ropes that was used on your pizza. Hope to see you again!