Monday, June 13, 2011

Willie’s Italian Restaurant – Update!

We haven’t been back to Willie’s Italian Restaurant in a while.  Just too much going on… However, a couple of weeks ago, our friends Martha and Irv told us that they wanted to make the trip for some Italian food.  We jumped at the opportunity!

Willie’s Italian Restaurant is located on Highway 411 in Seymour Tennessee.  It’s about an hour drive from our home…but, in our opinion at least, it’s well worth the effort!  Note: It was Tuesday at about 6:30 PM when we arrived at the restaurant.  We got a table, but Willie’s was packed from the time we got there until we finished and headed home…

Since I’ve reported on Willie’s before, my primary feedback this time, will relate to the meals that Martha and Irv ordered…and that I’ve never commented on before.

Martha ordered the Eggplant Parmesan.  This is described on the menu as fresh eggplant lightly breaded and baked with marinara sauce and both melted mozzarella and parmesan cheeses.  As with all entrees at Willie’s, her meal came with garlic knots, (rolls), and a tossed side salad.  The price for this meal…and she took some home for later enjoyment…was $7.95.

Martha told us that she really enjoyed her dinner…and then she tasted Laurie’s Lobster Ravioli…and reported that the ravioli was even better than her entrée!

Irv chose the Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara…chicken and shrimp in Willie’s recipe cream sauce with bacon and roasted red peppers.  Lots of flavor and just enough spice…Irv finished it all, (except for a little he shared with Martha), and he proclaimed it to be excellent.  Martha agreed with him… This entrée cost $10.95.

As I noted above, Laurie ordered her usual Lobster Ravioli…also $10.95.  She practically licks her plate clean every time she has this dish.  I decided to revert to the first entrée I’d ever ordered at Willie’s, the Shrimp Fra Diablo.  I ordered it spicier…and it was perfect.  It comes with 8 shrimp…and a terrific sauce…for just $8.95!
During this visit, Willie's had extra help working the tables.  It was a fund raiser for a local church's vacation bible school and the kids got to take home all of the tips!  With the help of the regular wait staff, service was great and all of the kids were very polite & friendly indeed.
For more information and photos of the entrees available at Willie’s Restaurant, just check out my following blog entries: “Guns & Pasta” – December 2010; “Back to Willie’s” – November 2010; “Real Deal Italian” – August 2010, and; “Italian From Queens” – July 2010.  We have now taken family and 6 different couples with us to Willie’ 2 or 3 visits on our own.   Every visit has been a winner!  We just wish that Willie’s was located nearer our home…
Willie’s Italian Restaurant is located at 11612 Chapman Highway, (US Rte. 411), in Seymour Tennessee.  Phone: 865-773-0170.  For a look at the menu, (click on the small menu images), just go to


  1. Maybe you should buy a franchise from Willie and open it in the village.

  2. The food sounds delicious. it's no wonder you enjoy eating there. I hope you have a great evening. Blessings...Mary

  3. Good food for sure! Love all your cats below! They are beauties and kind of funny that your wife may be allergic to them now. We have 2 long haired totally black ones and I'm kind of wondering the same thing now after all these many years of having cats. It's so nice they all allowed you to live with them! Have a great day!