Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Isaac’s – A Family Friendly Place

Continuing with another meal from our late summer/early fall 2011 road trip to upper New York State, Pennsylvania and Virginia…

We’d finished visiting another attraction, the National Toy Train Museum, and then it was time for another ‘fuel stop’ so we could keep going…

We saw this sign, Isaac’s – Famous Grilled Sandwiches, and we decided to give it a try.  What we didn’t know was that Isaac’s is a local chain of casual restaurants with 19 locations in central Pennsylvania…including 8 restaurants in Lancaster County.

Isaac’s has a definite family friendly ambience… There were lots of very well mannered kids to be seen and the minimalist decorative motif was railroad related.  (Given the fact that the Strasburg Railroad, the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, the National Toy Train Museum and the Choo Choo Barn were all within 2 or 3 miles, the motif was no surprise)  

At Isaac’s you order at the counter, pay up and then a server brings you your food.  Isaac’s is all about soups, salads and a wide variety of sandwiches.  Each sandwich is made to order and they’re happy to modify any sandwich from the menu to fit the customer’s taste.  Alternatively, you can build your own sandwich from scratch, choosing from 12 different breads; 15 basic ingredients such as turkey, roast beef, veggies, or grilled portabella mushrooms; 23 extras such as cheese, artichoke hearts, bacon, dried cranberries, etc., and; a choice of dressings such as Ikey’s mild horseradish sauce, mustard, ancho chili ranch, mayo, honey-Dijon, etc.

This little dish of pickled goodness is brought to your table as a little ‘appetizer’ just to get you started…

Laurie had a cup of the Pepper jack Tomato Soup and half a sandwich. ($7.29) She enjoyed the soup…it was creamy and the flavors just popped. 

In addition to the Pepper jack Tomato, there is always at least one daily special soup.  Beyond the soup, there are 6 dinner salads…all of which can be topped with extra goodies…such as tuna salad, cranberry almond chicken salad, mini crab cakes, a grilled black bean burger, etc.

My soup was a daily special…and I got a big bowl of it.  I don’t recall exactly what it was called but it was like a hot turkey sandwich with lots of turkey, pieces of potato and croutons in a nice thick broth.  I added Tabasco and this was about as satisfying as any bowl of soup I’ve ever had!

Sandwiches…let me count the possibilities… There are 7 pretzel sandwiches, 3 twisted sliders, 5 French bread sandwiches, 11 classics, 4 reubens or clubs and 7 flatbread or wraps.  As previously mentioned, you can also build your own sandwich.  Typically, prices per sandwich range between $7.00 and $8.50 with the most expensive sandwich on the menu, the large “Black Heron” coming in at $10.99.

This is Isaac’s ‘Finch’ sandwich, sliced turkey breast, crispy bacon and Muenster cheese with mayo, grilled on pumpernickel.  We split it between us… It was an excellent sandwich!  All sandwiches are served with Utz Natural Gourmet Medley potato crisps…but substitutions for these crisps include a small side of mixed greens, apple sauce, baby carrots, baked potato chips or Utz regular chips.  We liked these crisps just fine…

We washed our lunch down with some great pink lemonade.  Our only complaint was that somehow our order was misplaced or skipped over and it took a bit too long to get our food.  Customers who came in later got their orders first…  Still, all in all, we liked this chain and we wish that we had an Isaac’s in our neck of the woods!
For more information about Isaac’s Famous Grilled Sandwiches outlets, just go to www.isaacsdeli.com.
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  1. Looks like a great place to have just wandered into.