Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lunch in the Northern Blue Ridge Mountains

Now we were heading south, in the general direction of our home in East Tennessee.  We were winding down our road trip up to upper New York State, the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania…moving along back roads and secondary highways in southern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia…

Well, it was past time for lunch…and we got lucky.  Look what we found…a real diner…a bit modified but still a real diner!

This is Mike Travis’ Mountain Shadows Diner.  Although a roof has been added and there is a brick extension in the back, I learned that this is a rare Master Built Diner, c. 1950.  Mike Travis has owned it since 1987.

That’s Mike near the cash register… The interior has truly a classic diner look to it.  We felt good just sitting there and looking around!  For more quality photos of the interior of this diner, just click on the following website:

We weren’t able to pick up a menu…but the good news is that the Mountain Shadows Diner serves breakfast all day long!  Since breakfast is just about our favorite food, we had no trouble ordering…

Laurie went with her standard breakfast entrée…eggs over easy, bacon, fried potatoes and toast.  She would have preferred that her potatoes were a little more browned but all in all, it was a good breakfast!

I think that my potatoes were a little more browned… I decided that I’d forego my normal breakfast sausage…and I went with the corned beef hash.  It was done just right!  Notice the wheat bread…it was our attempt to eat healthy…

Mountain Shadows Diner is open from 7 am until 8 pm, 7 days a week.  Wednesday night is Karaoke Night and there are Friday night specials every week.  This past week it ranged from Salmon Cakes with 2 sides at $6.10 to BBQ Country Style Pork Ribs with 2 sides for $11.99.
The Diner had the right look…comfortable and old style, service was decent and friendly…except Mike seemed kind of grumpy about something…and the place was clean.  Mike Travis’ Mountain Shadows Diner is located at 14954 Buchanan Trail in Blue Ridge Summit Pennsylvania.  Phone: 717-794-2705.  For some reason, Mike doesn’t have a website set up for his diner but he is on Facebook at
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Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Diner food, breakfast food - you know I'd love it. Thanks for the diner hunter link

  2. Dear Dave, I just love breakfast food too. It is perfect anytime of day, as long as there is a good cup of coffee to go with it.
    I am glad that you and Laurie enjoyed your meal. I like my home fries golden crispy too.
    Blessings my friends, Catherine