Monday, September 24, 2012

Rockin’ Robin’s (Update!)

Back in May or early June, Laurie and I stopped in Boonville Arkansas for a bite to eat… It was a down home experience…upbeat with personable friendly folks and pretty darn good home cooking.

Well, every once in a while, I hear from a restaurant after we’ve visited it and I’ve blogged about it.  Rockin’ Robin’s feedback was our first positive contact after checking out and reporting on one of our restaurant experiences.
I’d received direct responses regarding 2 restaurants that I’d been less than positive about…Genghis Mongolian BBQ Grill in Knoxville Tennessee and Classico Italian Pizza and Pasta in Loudon Tennessee.  The response from Genghis was positive… They actually have a media person searching for comments and trying to right perceived problems reported by their customers.  That did impress us, even if our dining experience wasn’t ‘the best’.  The response from Classico was more like feedback from a rabid pit bull on the attack…fitting, given our experiences with that ‘restaurant’.
So…how about the feedback from Rockin’ Robin’s?
This is Rockin’ Robin’s restaurant in Boonville Arkansas as it appeared during our visit.  I’d ended my review with this commentary…

Normally, this is where I’d give you the address and phone number of the restaurant… However, I didn’t have a receipt to work from and when I tried to look up Rockin’ Robin’s on the internet or in the phone directory...and I even tried a reverse phone look up…to no avail.  Our lunch was in late May but it appears that 6 weeks later, Rockin’ Robin’s is not any more.  Too bad!  It was a good lunch served by some nice people.  Perhaps being downtown but not directly on AR Rte. 10 was the issue…” (Why the phone number didn’t work is a mystery…maybe just fumble fingers…)
And then I received my first feedback on this restaurant…correcting me as regarded my conclusion!  Staci McCollough from the Boonville area sent me this note…
I live here in Booneville. Rockin' Robin's still exists and seems to be doing fairly well. I'm not sure why they can't seem to be found on the internet.  I don't know the address and can't seem to find it at the moment, but the phone number is (479) 675-0400.
I thanked Staci for her update…happy indeed to hear that my supposition was in error!  Now I’ve actually heard from Robin…of Rockin’ Robins.  His brother sent him a link to my blog.  He thanked us for our great review and invited us back sometime.  He informed me that they’d taken down the awning and painted the lower half of the building in a bright red.  A new sign is going up in the next month and they’re continuing to add to their interior décor.
To view my original review and comments, just click on the following:  As per Robin himself, “Here's our info for those of you travelling through Boonville: 266 N Broadway 479-675-0400 for the cafe and 479-719-8468 for cakes, catering and special orders. Best wishes and safe travels to all! Robin…Thanks for the feedback!
Just click on the photo to enlarge it…
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  1. How nice of you to update your original post. I'm glad the owners were able to get the information to you. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary