Friday, September 7, 2012

Southeastern U.S. Pizza & Pasta Restaurants

Laurie and I were out and about one day and we decided to go to a matinee.  It was The Hunger Games…and following the movie, we decided that we were indeed hungry, so we consulted our Lifestyle Coupon Book in order to find a place for an early dinner.
We discovered that we were fairly close to a restaurant named Brixx Wood Fired Pizza.  There are 2 of these restaurants in the Knoxville area and they are part of a chain consisting of 21 locations that is based in Charlotte North Carolina, with stores in that state plus South Carolina, Virginia and of course, Tennessee.
The interior of Brixx is very casual…very basic.  Service was friendly and informal.  This Brixx Wood Fired Pizza restaurant is located at 7403 Kingston Pike in Knoxville.  Phone: 865-474-9971. 

Each Brixx location has its own listing of 24 different beers on tap.  While the two Knoxville locations have very similar lists…probably so customers in the area know what to expect, they do have an interesting variety.  Choices include basics like Guinness Stout, Sam Adams Seasonal and Yuengling Lager as well as some more unusual beers such as Blue Moon Belgian White, Duck Rabbit Milk Stout and Brooklyn Brown Ale.  They also offer 15 different wines and a full bar if you’re so inclined.
We both went with a pasta dish for our early dinner.  Laurie chose the Pasta Pomodoro with Shrimp. ($10.95) You could also have it straight up…no meat or shrimp…for $8.95 or with Chicken for $9.95.  Laurie really enjoyed her dinner!
I ordered the Sausage and Proscuitto Pasta. ($10.95) This was described as spicy Italian sausage and proscuitto with pomodoro sauce tossed with penne pasta and topped with gorgonzola cheese and fresh oregano.  Both of our meals were accompanied by a nice size piece of focaccia bread.  I wasn’t too crazy about my entrée as there were just too many onions in the Pomodoro sauce for my taste.  The pieces of Italian Sausage were quite good though…

My food likes and dislikes are weird…as I don’t like several items that most people consider basics.  With onions, it’s the texture and if they’re really reduced or cooked down, I don’t mind them at all.  As per my better half, the Pomodoro sauce was just fine… 
So then…it was a couple of months later…another movie and another early dinner.  This time, the movie was in Knoxville’s Turkey Creek shopping area and there was a Brixx just across the parking lot. (We also had another coupon!)

This Brixx Woodfired Pizza restaurant is located at 10978 Parkside Drive in Knoxville.  Phone: 865-288-4186.
The atmosphere was just like at the first location we visited…very casual.  Our waiter was very nice and service was just fine.

A bit about the menu at Brixx Woodfired Pizza… They do offer Wood Fired Pizza that is cooked in a Brick Oven.  As you’ve already observed, pasta is also on the menu.  In addition, the menu lists a number of appetizers or starters, salads, sandwiches and wraps plus desserts and treats. 
This time I decided to try their Roasted Chicken Club Sandwich. ($8.45) This sandwich consists of chilled shaved roasted chicken with apple-wood smoked bacon, tomato, melted fontina cheese, arugula and aioli on toasted focaccia.  I chose the fruit as my side although I could have had potato chips, bean salad or potato salad instead.  I added a little Tabasco and I really enjoyed this sandwich.  The focaccia bread really made the difference…
Laurie loves pizza!   Coming from Chicago, finding good pizza here in East Tennessee has been a bit of a challenge… (Big Ed’s in Oak Ridge is the best we’ve had in the area to date)

However, Laurie really did like this “4 X 4” Pizza. ($10.95)   It had a nice thin crispy crust and was layered with mozzarella, parmesan, gouda and goat cheese as well as sausage, pepperoni, prosciutto and bacon.  I was a little surprised that she ordered this ‘meat lovers’ type pizza as it’s more my style.  She did give me a piece of it and it was pretty darn good!  The only negative to me was the fact that the pizza guy didn’t really spread the meat out very evenly…
We will return to Brixx Wood Fired Pizza restaurants.  Not only do we still have 2 more coupons…but we do like this casual place with reasonably priced food.  For more information on Brixx Wood Fired Pizza locations and their menus, just go to
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Thanks for stopping by and sharing a couple of meals with us!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave 


  1. i have missed visiting your blog--but you always make me hungry :)

  2. Dave, this sounds like a great chain to visit for a casual meal. It is really hard to go wrong with pizza or pasta. I'm sorry it has taken me so much time to get back to you and your blog. I've been in Charlotte and it was really hard to stay on top of things. I hope you and Laurie have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  3. You make me hungry too Dave, I had a simple grilled turkey breast so your food here sure is tempting! Sorry for not having been around earlier. I moved back to Sicily and didn't have my computer for a couple of weeks.