Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our Christmas Finale!

Another Christmas Season is over, but our Christmas celebration ran a bit longer this year than it has in the past… We were scheduled for a post-Christmas family gathering at our home!

Here in East Tennessee we even tried to have snow for the occasion!  But, this snow fall actually happened a few days prior to the January 3rd arrival of our Ohio family contingent.  

See our Incredible Family below…

Left to right: David III, Emmett Lee and our son, David II…and of course…
here's Amy...!  She has a big job just keeping tabs on her 'incredible' brood.
But, much to our surprise, they showed up at our house in disguise, dressed like normal human beings…incognito as they say!

They were a bit tired as well after their trek from the far north.  In this photo Nana aka Laurie, is trying to keep the group awake so they can pose for their photo.  You might be wondering what David III has on his head!  He almost gave away the family’s secret identity by wearing his intergalactic communications head gear…
But wait!!  Where is Emmett Lee?!

We should have known!!  He’s taken over Nana’s computer so he can track down the forces of evil!  Or perhaps, this 9 year old is really working on one of his several blog sites…his code name is “Epic Sauce”…
Yes…David III and Emmett Lee really did get more Christmas presents…games, movies and books, plus a little cash...a couple of happy campers!
Note the small stocking hanging from the mantle.  That felt stocking was made for yours truly by his Mommy round about 1948 or 1949.  Tradition lives!

Ahhh…the perfect family photo of today’s 'electronic' family!  However, it’s really not as detached or impersonal as it might appear to us old folks.  They regularly play interactive video games…especially word games…with each other as well as with other family members.  They also compete with each other in Fantasy Football.
In contrast with their electronic connectivity, I was able to stun David and Amy with the fact that I actually still write checks and mail them…you know…using ‘postage’ stamps…to pay some of my monthly bills…!  I’m also resistant to reading books on a computer or similar electronic device…

This is the dinner table as set for our family Christmas dinner.  It wasn’t a very typical meal either…as Laurie and I…as well as David, Amy and our grandsons…had already experienced plenty of traditional Christmas food back in December!
For this festive meal, we had salad, fruit, and some good bread as well as the main course of penne pasta, meat sauce and meat balls.  Of course, Laurie had also baked some sugar cookies for dessert.


We capped off the visit with a rousing dice game!  Everyone scrambles to roll their dice until someone’s dice all match the number that was called out.  It’s a very fast game with lots of interaction!  We also played a game called “Truth be Told” which Nana/Laurie won.  I finished dead last!
It was a great visit…a very nice family Christmas…and a great way to start 2013!
I hope that everyone out there had a terrific Christmas/Holiday Season and I’m wishing everyone a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year!
Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…
Thanks for stopping by and sharing time with our family!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave 


  1. Looks and sounds like you had a great Christmas! And what a nice family! Happy New Year!!!

  2. I had to smile at your “the perfect family photo of today’s 'electronic' family!” That is a typical 2013 photo for sure! My oldest daughter has a Blackberry and she is on it all the time- I barely answer the telephone when it rings – don’t want to be connected… (and it’s not even a cell phone.) But it looks like a great after Christmas dinner.

  3. oh I loved your photos!! your home and family look so delightful......that's what's it's all about right?! good for you.

  4. LOVE the superhero costumes you took together, very cool! I still use stamps and actually mail things too and my husband thinks I'm insane.

  5. aaah what lovely and fun Christmas pictures David, I love them!! look fun an d and beauty!