Monday, January 14, 2013

Yet Again…Another Mexican Restaurant!

Well, considering that I’ve never been crazy about Mexican Restaurants, I sure have eaten at a lot of them here in East Tennessee in the past year or so...and my attitude about the genre has improved.  There was Lorenzo’s in Loudon, (; then there was Cinco Amigos in Lenoir City, (; before that there was another local joint that I didn’t bother to blog about in Lenoir City; and there was Ayala’s also in Lenoir City, (No Longer in Business); and even before that there was Cielito Lindo in Vonore.

So…let’s throw one more Mexican restaurant into the mix and see just how it shakes out in comparison with the others…
It seems that everyone has a favorite Mexican restaurant.  A couple of friends had eaten at the Monterrey Mexican Restaurant in Lenoir City.  Lenoir City seems to be Mexican cuisine central!  This restaurant is located across the parking lot from the local Walmart and it faces away from Highway 321.

From what I’ve been able to ascertain, this restaurant is part of a larger (70+) chain of franchised Mexican restaurants with varying menus and prices.  The name of the restaurant plus the sombrero and serape symbol to the left of the door, are identical to the name and image used by that chain…although this location isn’t listed on the company’s website.  Weird!!
The interior seemed a little sparse despite the color and decorative items on the walls but it was spacious and clean…despite being a little worn looking.  Laurie caught this photo of Dawn and I looking over the menu… Of course, the waiter started us out with warm tortilla chips and some good salsa!
One of our favorites in Mexican restaurants is the Queso Fundido with Chorizo, (Chori/Queso) I thought that it was just right!  It was spicy enough for all of us and it was loaded with chorizo.   Laurie thought it was good but Dawn Marie said that she really likes Lorenzo’s version better…

I would normally quote the prices but I didn’t end up with a detailed sales slip and the restaurant had run out of their ‘to go’ menus.
Laurie’s dinner selection, the Paradise Quesadilla consisted of a grilled flour tortilla filled with chicken, onion and mushrooms…just a great combination!  It was accompanied with guacamole, salsa, sour cream and rice.  She wasn’t too hungry so this meal was the perfect size for her.  Laurie said that her entrée was excellent… She’d order it again and again!
My entrée consisted of 3 burritos filled with spicy chicken and covered with a terrific green chili sauce.  I was a happy camper!  This was one of my favorite Mexican dishes to date and I’ll order it again on my next visit to Lenoir City’s Monterrey Mexican Restaurant.  The combination of flavors was a true winner!  I’m sorry that I can remember what this dish was called…
Dawn Marie ordered something a bit off the menu.  She started with a chicken and cheese dish with a side of rice… But, she had the restaurant leave off the other sides and then she had them add chorizo sausage to the mix.  They were very generous with the chorizo.  She really liked it…and I can testify that this was one was very good indeed…a carnivore’s delight!

OK…on the downside our waiter struggled with English and was totally confused when asked for soda water…such as from the soda dispensing machine…and then he got rattled.  His replacement or substitute was not exactly warm and friendly.  Service was better though… Still, the food was very good…and we will return! (Hopefully, the next time I’ll be able to pick up a menu!
Monterrey Mexican Restaurant is located at 875 US Highway 321 in Lenoir City Tennessee.  Phone: 865-988-1728.  Assuming that this restaurant is part of the larger chain, the website can be found at
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  1. About Monterrey – this is funny because last Saturday as we were driving to the Atlanta Antique and Flea Market we passed in front of a Monterrey Mexican restaurant in Smyrna I had never seen before and mentioned to my husband that we should try it. So, next time we will go there as I see from your link that it is part of the chain. Both your dishes look very appetizing – I don’t know which one to choose. I’ll try the Queso Fundido if they offer it as I have never tasted it.

  2. All of those entrees look delicious, Dave. Good food enjoyed in the company of two beautiful women is hard to beat. I hope all is well. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. Really great & Yummy6! The presentation is very nice here.