Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hip Surgery 101!

My blogging efforts may well taper off over the next few weeks as I work on recovering from recent hip surgery.  I can’t drive for several weeks plus my energy is focused on healing and the required course of therapy.  I won’t have much of interest to blog about… In addition, my fingers on my right hand are numb and that makes it a little challenging to type with any accuracy and/or speed…

I wasn’t sure just how much I wanted talk about this latest ‘life experience’ for myself and Laurie.  I will emphasize that this is a 2 person experience!  I can’t imagine going through these ‘fun times’ on my own.  With Laurie’s urging, I decided to ‘treat’ my readers to this personal repair project…
To catch up on the story, you can go to my earlier January blog entitled “Pain Management – Spare Parts” at 
Checking in at the hospital for surgery was almost like voting at your polling place or college class registration!   Note the signs above the counter… Our first test was getting in the correct lane so we could sign in and get in line for pre op and surgery.  The folks behind the counter were nice but I did feel like I was in a quiet peaceful auto repair shop’s waiting room.  By the way, our scheduled arrival time was 7 AM…this for two people who normally never get out of bed until 8:30 AM or so!
This photo shows about 20% of the surgery waiting room at the hospital.  Laurie’s stash of our stuff occupies the chair next to the gentleman with the baseball cap.  She was equipped with a nice book, (Valley Forge by Newt Gingrich and William R. Forstchen), the camera, gum, yogurt raisins water, etc.  All in all, she spent over 7 hours waiting for an all clear to visit me in my room on the joint replacement post op floor.
I know!  This photo in the pre-surgery prep room is not the best I’ve ever taken… But, this was the best pre-surgery photo from the selection that Laurie took.  I just ‘love’ those drafty flimsy hospital gowns.  The surgery cap just added to the upbeat look don’t you think!?

Note the time on the wall behind me… It’s hard to believe that we were third in line for my surgeon this morning.  Some poor soul had to arrive at the hospital for check-in at 5 AM!!
This is still in the pre-surgery prep room.  Here they have me ‘wired’ for action!  In a little while, I wouldn’t have a clue what was going on…and for that I’m very thankful… On the other hand, Laurie would have loved to sit in and watch the surgeon take out the old worn parts and insert the up to date repair kit!
Ah, “Yes” marks the spot.  This was my surgeon’s mark on my hip as to where he was going to make his incision… Don’t you just love the smiley face!  Funny guy…
This was one interesting little touch we noted in the big Surgery Waiting Room… It reminded us of an electronic flight board at the airport.  The difference was that the names in black weren’t airlines, but rather the surgeon’s names.  Under the doctor’s names, instead of flights, those undergoing surgery are listed. 

Reading across the board, those waiting for their loved one’s flight…errr…surgery to be completed can follow the status board from ‘Pre Op’ to ‘Ready’ to ‘Holding’ to ‘Surgery’ to ‘Recovery’ to the patient’s landing on the post op floor.
Here I am…back in the land of the living, up on the post op floor.  This was my home for about the next 3 days.  The room was much more spacious than I’d expected.  The best thing about that bed was the little cuffs that they attached to the bottom of my feet each night to encourage healthy blood circulation.  It was comforting, for me at least, to feel those little alternating poofs against my feet all night long…
Laurie couldn’t resist taking a photo of the soft cast I wore post-surgery…
Well, if you follow my blog you know that one of my favorite things is blogging about food!  This was my first hospital meal… Chicken bouillon, (really salty); some orange Jell-O, (I’ve never liked Jell-O!); cranberry juice; and 2 popsicles.  The latter really helped my throat.  Being incubated kills the taste buds, the throat and the appetite…
Another pretty picture!  The good news is that I’m sitting up, I’m wearing my own shirt and shorts and I’ve got a good book to read! (Shock Wave, by John Sandford)

David II, Amy, David III and Emmett Lee sent us this thoughtful giant recovery care package!  Magazines, (including what passes for a Men’s Magazine these days), a variety of Beef Jerky, all kinds of snacks, a lap desk for reading and eating, a portable electronic solitaire game, and movies from their collection, plus Season 2 of Downton Abbey for Laurie’s viewing pleasure.
We’ve had lots of cards, emails, phone calls and visitors this past week.   I do appreciate the well wishes…and the homemade split pea soup, yeast rolls and bread as delivered by Larry, Bev and Madison. (Larry aka Big Dude at Joel and Holly visited and brought a humongous bottle of Tabasco for me and a great hunk of chocolate cake for Laurie.  Charlie and Karen are stopping by later today...

I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll do a follow up on this fun life event… Laurie wants me to but I won’t use any of the really grisly photos, so what is there to show or talk about!? I do have on-going in-home health and therapy care for a little more than 2 weeks and then it will be off to the local therapist. Recovery time is estimated at 8 – 10 weeks…
Just click on any of the photos if, for some sick and weird reason, you wanted to enlarge one…
Thanks for stopping by and sharing this life experience…one that was not on my bucket list!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave 


  1. Love these photos Papa! Especially the hip shot!

  2. I've always wanted to know a bionic man, Dave :-). I hope you are soon back and comfortable on your own two feet. I'll be thinking of you. You are fortunate to have Laurie at you side as you go through this. Take care. Blessings...Mary

  3. Wishing you a complete and quick recovery.

  4. oh dear David is nice heard pf you and know you are fine, hope you have a quick recovery, send you huggs, tell laurie I love her pictures!!:)

  5. I think you look really cute in the cap and gown.