Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hot Pastrami – Knoxville TN!

Today was the day!  We’re both a bit burned out being stuck at home with my ongoing recuperation from hip surgery.  We had a medical appointment in Knoxville, so we decided that I’d put on a pair of real shorts with a belt and a golf shirt and after the appointment, we’d go somewhere for a casual lunch.  We’d had takeout, but this was our first meal in a restaurant in about 4 weeks!  Talk about stir crazy!!

So…I reclined the passenger seat all the way back, swiveled into the seat, clutched my cane, strapped myself in and we were off. 
It had to be pretty casual and we wanted something other than wings or pizza or a burger.  Our choice was Jason’s Deli in Knoxville.  We’d eaten here a few times before and we’d enjoyed the food.  I checked my blogs and for some reason, I don’t seem to have written anything about this deli…
At Jason’s Deli, you check out the menu while standing in line and then you order at the counter.  The cashier gives you a number and when the food is ready, a server brings your meal to your table.  We arrived at about 11:15 AM and we had 3 customers ahead of us.  By 11:30 AM the line was growing fast…
One of the more popular offerings at Jason’s is the Garden Fresh Salad Bar. ($7.59) This includes fresh organic produce, dozens of toppings, cheeses, fresh made sides and mini-muffins.  For $1.79 additional, one can add a side of chicken salad with almonds and pineapple, tuna salad, ham, turkey, smoked turkey or grilled chicken breast.  Another advantage to the salad bar is that the customer doesn’t have to wait in the deli line, as there is a station by the salad bar where your purchase can be rung up.
Laurie took this photo right after we’d ordered our lunch and picked out our table.  Jason’s Deli dining area is spacious and very clean…

The menu includes 6 different soups plus 2 types of chili, a spicy seafood gumbo and a bowl of chicken pot pie soup or stew… Prices range from $2.99 to $3.99 a cup to $3.99 or $4.99 a bowl.  In addition to the Salad Bar, Jason’s offers 5 dinner salads and a fresh fruit plate. ($5.69 to $7.99) 
I don’t know if we were supposed to try these little mini-muffins from one end of the salad bar or not…but the sign indicated that they were free for the taking.  The light colored ones were nice little corn muffins and the dark ones were like a pumpkin spice…and we liked them best.

While sandwiches, wraps, Panini’s and muffalettas are the primary menu items at Jason’s, 3 different baked potato options are available, ($5.59 - $6.89), as well as 4 pasta choices.  A full portion of Penne Pasta and Meatballs with Warm Herb Focaccia Bread is $7.29.  For those seeking something a bit healthier, they could order the Zucchini Garden Pasta, bowtie pasta topped with grilled zucchini, roasted tomatoes, organic spinach and asiago cheese…also $7.29.
Now let’s get down to what’s really important!  Laurie and I both ordered the Jason’s Deli Hot Pastrami Sandwich. ($6.79) Our rye bread was topped with 8 oz. of hot pastrami with spicy mustard.  To us, a hot pastrami sandwich is true comfort food and we believe that this is the best Hot Pastrami Sandwich in the Knoxville metropolitan area… If anyone can direct us to a better hot pastrami in the vicinity, please do!!

Note: There are at least 29 different sandwiches on the menu at Jason’s Deli…and this doesn’t include the fact that you can build your own.  There are also 11 different bread choices for your sandwich!  The most expensive sandwiches on the menu are the New York Yankee, ($8.59 w/12 oz. of hot corned beef and pastrami plus Swiss cheese), and the 9” Whole-Muffaletta…2 varieties…for $11.99.
I had to include just another photo of my Hot Pastrami Sandwich!  While this sandwich isn’t in the same league with those served by Manny’s in Chicago or either the Carnegie or Stage Deli’s in New York City, it’s a very good sandwich that really hit the spot…on our first restaurant dining experience in a month.

Jason’s Deli was founded in 1976 in Beaumont TX.  There are now more than 225 locations in 28 states.  The parent company owns most of the restaurants but they do have 21 different franchisees as well.  The company had sales in excess of $500,000,000 in 2011.  Jason’s was the first major restaurant concept to ban artificial trans fats and to eliminate high fructose corn syrup.  They’ve also eliminated MSG from their menu. 
I was surprised to learn that there are 8 Jason’s Deli’s in our former hometown of Chicago.  But if you look at the variety on the menu, the quality of the ingredients and the price/value offered, I can see why this chain is doing so well!  There are 2 Jason’s locations in Knoxville but this Jason’s Deli is located at 133 N. Peters Road.  Phone: 865-357-3354.  For more information, just go to
Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…
Thanks for stopping by and sharing our ‘breakout’ dining experience!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. aah david I was thinking you and Laurie missed your Restaurants visits haha! Im glad you can go with Laurie. All look nice and the little muffins look curious especially de darkness but look really nice, I love the pastrami sandwich sounds and look delicious!!
    take care Dave and dont worry you are in the road again :))) LOL

  2. That is a fine looking sandwich. It looks like you picked a good spot for your first venture out. I hope the doctor was pleased with your progress. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. I am pleased that you wrote a post on Jason Deli because we saw one last week in Kennesaw, Ga. They just opened and my husband and I were wondering what type of deli food they serve. So, now we’ll try it. It’s not far from our house.
    I saw your comment on my blog on cameras. If you go to my post of February 5 on Groundhog Day, toward the bottom of the post I showed an Oregon Grape shrub. Then I have a couple of collages where I took the same pictures with my various cameras. The one I always have in my purse, because it is small, is my Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS8. It is a real neat camera with a very long telephoto. I usually put it on “automatic” but it also has pre-set settings, like landscape, portrait, food, etc. The lens is a Leica, so it’s very good. I bought it on the Monday after Thanksgiving in 2011 when Amazon had a great sale – I think I got it 50% off. Now they have newer DMC- ZS models so you could take a look on Amazon. Best Buy sometimes has them on sale. If you click on one of my pictures and enlarge it, on the very top you will see the number. If it starts with a P, that is a picture I took with my Panasonic. The top picture of my current post, Venice on the 3rd day – morning – was taken with the Panasonic.

  4. I've not eaten at Jason's but will keep it on the radar for the next lunch in Ktown - that's a great looking sandwich. It's hard to believe a little thing like hip replacement could keep you away from a restaurant for a month :-).