Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Exploring Meigs County Tennessee # 4

This next group of buildings in Meigs County Tennessee that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places turned out to be very difficult to research.  There must be a place where some history of these buildings can be found…but I had almost no luck with my efforts.

The good news is that this will be a short blog!

This is apparently the James Cowan House.  My initial research determined that it was located at 2059 Cameron Road near Big Spring Tennessee.  So we turned right on Cameron Road just north of the Hiwassee River…and we followed the road as far as we could…to a fancy wrought iron gate blocking the road.  It appears that someone bought or owns a lot of land, along with the old James Cowan House…and the ‘county road’?
This was as close as we could get to the home.  We could see that it was built out of squared off logs, that much of the chinking was missing but that the roof appeared to be in one piece.  It was apparently built in 1825.  I found wedding records in Meigs County for James A. Cowan (to Jane Collins in 1844), then J.F. Cowan (1878), Jacob Cowan (1877), Jeff. D. Cowan (1878) and Luther Cowan (1897) Perhaps the Cowan family still owns the place…as I noted an Anita Cowan still in the area.

This stone building is listed in the NRHP as the Scott Hooper Garage…aka the Myers Garage.  It was built back in the early days of the auto, in 1925.  It’s right on TN Hwy. 58 in Georgetown Tennessee.

This is an interesting building… We’ve seen lots of stone structures but I can’t recall one built so painstakingly from so many relatively small stones.  This had to take a lot of time and patience!

We just liked this ‘artsy’ photo of a large shuttered window at the Hooper/Myers Garage.  I couldn’t find any record of a Hooper back in the early days of Meigs County…but the current County Clerk is Janie Myers, a possible link to the second owners/operators of this fancy garage…
This is the only photo we managed to take of the H.C. Shiflett Barn, which is located on Hickman Road in Meigs County.  We had to keep moving as there were a couple of large dogs at the farm house who objected to our stopping to take pictures!  I did note a Francis Shiflett on one record I located from 1865.  The barn was apparently built in 1850 and it’s also known as the Hickman barn.

So…enough about Meigs County for just a moment!  More importantly, spring has arrived here in East Tennessee and I wanted to share our view from our deck on another beautiful day here in paradise…
Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…
Thanks for stopping by to share in our continuing exploration of East Tennessee!
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  1. Interesting history! It's remarkable with the small stones in the building and I can't imagine how long it took to build it.

    The view from your deck is great! We're still in winter here as it snowed huge flakes yesterday, cold and windy as usual. I bet in the next week or 2, we'll be turning on the a/c, and skipping spring again! You and Laurie have a good rest of the week!

  2. Dear Dave, That is a nice old building. These old places are filled with character. That is basically what is missing in the structures today. I don't know if anyone would research the history of some of the homes built today?
    I love each stone is fit into place.
    The view of spring is breathtaking. You and Laurie certainly are sharing a piece of paradise.
    Blessings, Catherine