Monday, November 18, 2013

A Last Look at Fall Season – 2013

It’s Sunday…and it’s gray and rainy!  The good news is that it’s in the mid-60s!  The Fall colors…and the season itself seemed to come and go so fast this year…

So… I thought that I’d share a few late season photos just to mark our passage into 'that next season'.  Hopefully, we won’t have a terribly cold winter and, more importantly, we have our fingers crossed that we won’t see much snow!
As you can see, J.D. decided to get up on the computer desk to give me a hand, (really, a paw), with this blog.

Apparently I wasn’t paying enough attention to him, so he decided that he’d roll over so that he blocked the keyboard and I’d have to pet him… He really has us very well trained!

This is a view up our street… We’re surrounded by trees.

Laurie took this photo of the property next to ours… A deer trail runs through it and our many hickory and oak trees provide a lot of food for deer, turkey and squirrels.

Here’s a photo of our woods from our deck. We love the golden colors that ‘pop’ in the sunshine!

The other day, some local residents came down the road looking for food…and Laurie grabbed this photo from our front porch.  The area supports a very large flock of turkey that cruises through the woods looking for sustenance. (A flock of turkey is also known as a ‘rafter’ or a ‘gang’)

Laurie and a group of her lady friends recently went on a charity home tour at Wind River, an upscale development along Tellico Lake and she captured some very nice pictures of late Fall in East Tennessee.

Love the colors…

This is the golf course at Wind River across the lake from us.   We’ve never played on this ‘links style’ golf course but we want to someday. 

Well, back to reality!  I guess that I’ll pay bills or do something else that needs to be done.  Besides, J.D. decided to leave, probably because I wasn’t paying any attention to him…
Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…
Thanks for stopping by for a visit!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave 


  1. OMY David how cute is your cat !! look lovely, why the cats love the computers??
    I love the shots! I dont remember if I said you I adore Fall is my favorite times! and Winter too! we are in spring now, is beauty but here is really hot son so is really a summer,
    enjoy your Fal!

  2. Where do you all live, Dave? Such gorgeous Fall photos. Everything is pretty bare up here now --and things are beginning to look like winter... Think I read that on Sunday night, we're supposed to get down to 21 degrees...

    Love your kitty.... Bet he RULES the house!!!!

  3. Nice fall shots guys, they make it look like you live way out in the country. The kid in me would like to have one nice 6" snow that seems to purify everything.

  4. Dear Dave, Tennessee sure is lovely! The colors are beautiful.
    I think J.D. has you and Laurie wrapped around his little paw. He is adorable.

    Blessings, Catherine