Wednesday, November 20, 2013

First Watch Comes to East Tennessee…

Laurie and I are always looking for a new place for breakfast.  It’s sort of a quest we’re on to find ‘perfect’ basic breakfast…  Laurie had eaten at a First Watch in St. Louis and she had very positive memories of her experience. 

This is First Watch – The Daytime Café… This location has recently opened next to a Publix Supermarket and ‘Corks’, a wine shop in Knoxville’s Turkey Creek shopping area. 
The Publix market was a welcome addition to the grocery shopping scene and Corks – Wines and Spirits deserves a visit if you’re in the area.  Ryan McElveen, Corks proprietor has been a Certified Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers since 1996.  He really knows his wine, buys small lots from smaller wineries and he doesn’t sell anything that he hasn’t tasted first… Check out Cork at 
But I digress from the subject at hand…

The interior of First Watch is simple and straightforward as well as bright and welcoming… I did see one issue right away, at least from my point of view!  The only hot sauce on hand was Cholula…as shown on the table above.  It’s just not the right hot sauce for me…although I will use it on some foods.  Where’s the Tabasco?

Here’s another interior photo from First Watch… One fact of note is that First Watch is a bit unique in that the restaurant is only open for breakfast and lunch.
First Watch is a breakfast, brunch and lunch cafe restaurant chain based in Bradenton, Florida.  This fast growing 105 store chain operates in restaurants in 15 states.  The restaurants are named for the nautical terminology that refers to the first shift of the day aboard ship.  Operating hours are from 7 AM to 2:30 PM.  The First Watch at Turkey Creek in Knoxville is located at 11682 Parkside Drive.  Phone: 865-675-3447.

I’m truly just a basic breakfast guy… I like my meat, potatoes and eggs, preferably with toast, or alternatively, English muffins.  I ended up ordering 2 easy-over eggs, 2 sausage links, the house seasoned potatoes and an English muffin. ($7.99) Coffee was $2.39 and they leave a pot on the table… This was a decent breakfast, but not anything to write home about.  I do prefer hash browns and pork sausage patties which aren’t on the menu.
I do like pancakes and waffles from time to time but I’ve been trying to cut back on the carbs and lose some weight.  Even so, I’d looked at the First Watch website and determined that I was going to treat myself to “Bubba’s Benny”, biscuits sliced in half and covered by sausage and easy-over eggs then covered with sausage gravy…accompanied by the house seasoned potatoes. 
However during my research I failed to note the statement that menus can vary by location. (Franchisee) If I’d looked closer, I would have clicked on the link that showed me the menu for this specific restaurant.

Laurie ordered the Key West ‘Crepeggs’. ($8.89) This was a thin crepe layered with eggs, turkey, avocado, bacon, tomatoes and Monterey Jack cheese. It was topped with sour cream and served with an English muffin, a side of house made salsa and fresh, seasoned potatoes. Laurie really enjoyed her breakfast…
As I wrote this blog, I checked the receipt for prices and I noted that we weren’t charged for her orange juice.  Even so, our total check for breakfast with tax and tip totaled $27.77.
If you’re into mushrooms, avocado, onions, veggies, olives, peppers, etc. as a part of your breakfast, First Watch is for you!  Almost every egg related breakfast offering includes one or more of these ingredients.  Healthy breakfasts plus pancakes, waffles and French toast are also available.
First Watch currently operates more than 100 restaurants in 15 states – with franchised restaurants in Florida, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Tennessee, West Virginia and Wisconsin, and licensed restaurants in Arizona.  In a survey of 150,000 Consumer Report readers, First Watch ranked as the best breakfast chain, earning top ratings in taste, service, value, and menu choices.
Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…
We’ll have to return to First Watch for a luncheon experience.  Thanks for stopping by!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave 


  1. I haven't heard of First Watch ---but do know where it is at Turkey Creek. We'll have to try it sometime --but we don't eat breakfast out much simply because of the calories.. Breakfast is the hardest meal for me --when I'm watching my weight... I usually just have a bowl of Greek Plain Yogurt flavored with bananas and strawberries. BUT--your breakfast certainly sounds much better... ha

  2. Well I am behind as usual but have looked at all your past posts. You certainly took some wonderful photos in Canada – those mountains are gorgeous. The Greek food would have made me hungry but I just finished dinner. I went to Waterton Lake in Canada but always wished to visit Lake Louise, so I read your posts with much interest. I clicked on your photos to enlarge them – I could almost hear the noise from the waterfall! Your fall foliage looks a lot like ours – great colors! As for your breakfast it looks good but I have never liked potatoes for breakfast – I have taken to grits…. I had never heard of grits in France! We went to the Windsor Hotel in Americus (middle Georgia) a while back and they served the best cheese and grits that I have ever eaten. By the way that hotel is known for being haunted… your wife might like to stop there. I wrote a post on it:

  3. Dear Dave, I like both types of breakfast that you and Laurie ordered. Though, I probably lean towards the traditional breakfast.
    I do think that the prices are a bit steep though if you enjoyed yourself, it is worth it.
    Blessings, Catherine