Wednesday, January 1, 2014

An Indian Buffet in Edmonton Alberta

Laurie and I are wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!  

While in Edmonton Alberta, Laurie and I went for a drive searching for a restaurant that I’d researched on Trip Advisor before our trip.  Suffice it to say, we never found whatever restaurant I was looking for…and the neighborhood started looking a little dicey!  So we circled back to a place we’d noticed at the beginning of our drive that wasn’t far from our hotel…

This is New Asian Village… We hadn’t had any Indian cuisine in quite a while, so the idea definitely tickled our taste buds!  This building looked kind of plain on the outside, but the ambience definitely popped when we entered the restaurant. 

It may have been all of the lights and glitter…or it might have been our camera work…but our interior shots tended to be a bit blurry.  Never-the-less, it’s clear that we’d entered “Bollywood” North!

Although their description of these restaurants on their webpage might be a little over the top, it really isn’t too far off…
“Go for a new Asian experience.  Picture yourself a Royal Maharaja, dining in sumptuous luxury on succulent food…while sitar music stroke your ears, exotic spices dance on your tongue… Enter a world of opulence; of sensuous tastes and tantalizing smells…”

The interior of New Asian Village definitely supports the old adage that one ‘should never judge a book by its cover’! 

Here’s another view of the restaurant, looking over to the very colorful bar!
The founder of New Asian Village moved to Canada from India in 1973.  A short time later, he opened his first restaurant.  From there on, it was an American…or rather a true Canadian success story!  The Asian Village Restaurant Group now has 11 locations…

This is one side of the extensive and sumptuous buffet at New Asian Village.  Diners can order from a menu or you can go for the buffet. 

For sharper photos of the interior of New Asian Village, you can go to the company’s website at

Our goal was to try as many different types of Indian cuisine as possible, and given the size of the buffet, we couldn’t pass it up. (The buffet was $19.95 each) I won’t try to tell you what was on our plates…but it was all good!  For the first time, I actually had goat that I enjoyed!

To check out the expansive menu, just click on the following link: This group of restaurants offers take out, catering and delivery.  They even offer a romantic limo pick up package complete with a 6-course meal.

Another plate of food…in this case it was Laurie’s.  The restaurant actually encourages patrons to eat with their fingers, using naan breads as a scoop.  We stuck with silverware… I make enough of a mess eating normally!
Another interesting piece of advice involved drinking water with spicy food… Don’t do it!  Drink water 1 hour before eating spicy food and no sooner than 1 hour after eating spicy food.  Water does not reduce the burn but it will increase the chance of indigestion!  Yogurt is recommended to quell any fire from hot and spicy foods.  Of course, many if not most Indian foods are not particularly hot and spicy.

This is one of our plates of the restaurant's dessert offerings following our trips through the main buffet line… Fruit, a little chocolate, some puddings, etc.  It was all very refreshing.

The menu, (and the buffet), presents 14 different Tandoori breads or naan, chicken, goat, lamb, beef, fish, shrimp and a variety of vegetarian dishes.  If you’re ordering off the menu, you can request spice levels from ‘0’ on up to whatever you can handle.  The menu also contains a number of Chef’s Specialties…

Our waiter noticed that we were taking photos.  We told him that I blog and he offered to take our photo.  It turned out to be the clearest photo taken with our camera at New Asian Village!  Note the Kingfisher beer and Laurie’s glass of wine… ($6.50 and $9.50 respectively)

This particular New Asian Village location was at 17507 100th Avenue in Edmonton.  Phone: 780-488-6666.  We wish we had one of these restaurants here in East Tennessee.  The food was very good and the service was properly attentive. To learn more about these restaurants, go to

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We're wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year...!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. I love Indian food, we lived in New Delhi for 5 years! What a lovely picture of you and your wife. Happy New Year to you both!

  2. Dear Dave, I would love to try authentic Indian food. It really looks good.
    I am so happy that you and Laurie had so many nice memories to share.
    I wish you a Laurie a very Happy and very Blessed New Year. Catherine

  3. I believe you did get to try many things on those two plates.