Friday, January 31, 2014

Glenda’s Tea Party!

David and I were headed to St. Louis, MO for my Aunt Lois’ 100th birthday party.  (More about that in a later blog)…With all of the family gathering for this momentous event, my oldest sister Glenda wanted to have all the “ladies” that could attend, come dine at a favorite place of hers.

This is The Tea Room in the Valley.  It is owned and operated by a family consisting of ladies, Elaine Willingham, Francine Gallo and Tina Cassimatis.  Each of these ladies has a position in the restaurant and they each do their part wonderfully! I believe our hostess told me it was herself, her sister & their mother.  Mom is the kitchen making all the delicious food!

The Tea Room is housed in a lovely older farmhouse.  If it weren't so cold, I could see us all gathered on the front porch to sit and chat for a bit.  A lovely home indeed!

As you can see by this photo, the place was full of happy hungry ladies!  The atmosphere is very nostalgic, with old photos, plates and such hanging on the walls, with mixed knickknacks here and there.  They do have a gift shop that sells tea, soap and such. Very warm and friendly!

This is a photo of my sister’s and me.  From left to, Bonnie, Karole and the Grand Dame, Glenda.

Our hostess was kind enough to take a photo of our whole table.  From front left is my great niece Sarah, my niece Tanya, my great niece Leah, myself, my great nephew’s wife Sarah, my sister Bonnie, my sister Karole and my sister Glenda.

This is a photo of my luncheon entrée!  This is the British Sampler. ($11.95) The sampler consists of three hearty tea sandwiches: Egg Salad, Chicken Salad and Cucumber w/zesty cream cheese. It also included a Small Garden Salad with a Dressing of your choice, plus a Cheesy Herb Scone w/ Butter and Jam.  We each enjoyed delicious hot tea or drinks of our choice.  My choice was delicious.  I ate every bite!  The scone was amazing!

This is the only other photo I took of one of the other entrees.  This is A Hearty Slice of Quiche from Today's Selection. ($9.95) It includes a Small Garden Salad with dressing of your choice and one of Mother's Signature Popovers with Butter and Jam. This was Leah’s entrée and she wanted applesauce or something else instead of a salad and they were more than happy to accommodate her request. Leah enjoyed her entrée as well!  The popovers are to die for!

Glenda wanted us all to try the desserts and we ordered three different kinds to share.  One was a chocolate raspberry cake, another was a hot berry cobbler with vanilla ice cream and I can’t recall the last dessert.  But they were all delicious!  All the desserts are displayed in a glass case that can be rolled up to the table for viewing.  Very smart indeed on their part!  :) Thank you Glenda!

Everyone truly enjoyed their meal and we had a great time talking about family antics and silly things like that.  We were laughing and carrying on for a good couple of hours. We all enjoyed each others company and this quiant dining experience. A pleasent day indeed!

The Tea Room in the Valley is located at 505 Meramec Station Road, Valley Park, MO 63088. Phone: 636-225-4832.  The Tea Room’s website is:

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

Thanks to Big Daddy Dave for letting me blog about my special outing with my sisters and nieces!  Each of us enjoyed the experience!  Thank you Glenda!

Have a great day and enjoy life!

Take care,
Laurie...Big Daddy Dave’s better half J


  1. First of all, happy birthday to your Aunt on reaching 100. A tea room is the perfect place to lunch with the ladies and I always enjoy sharing some dessert. I would have fun looking around the farmhouse too. Very enjoyable Laurie.

  2. Looks like you had a nice family gathering Laurie and you should post more often. I just have one question - how many male customers were there? :-)

  3. Hi Laurie! Oh what a beautiful post...and such a lovely place. I must say the food looks fabulous! :D

    ...Haha ^Big Dude's comment made me laugh. Well, I must say that the Tea Room is just my cup of tea! ;)

    Happy birthday to your aunt!


  4. Hi Laurie! Congrats to your aunt, what a milestone! The tearoom sounds perfect for such a great gathering. And the food looks delicious! Nice post!

  5. Laurie! I adore Tea's party and we love Tea time here:)
    These pictures are fun and beautiful, Im sure you had a beautiful Time!
    This is a lovely post David and Laurie:))

  6. Dear Laurie, My daughter would love to have a place like this near us. It really looks like a fun place a walk back in time.
    Blessings, Catherine

  7. p.s. A wonderful occasion to all be together and share this milestone.
    A very big Happy Birthday to your aunt.