Monday, October 27, 2014

A Winner…from “Off the Beaten Path – Nebraska”

When we visited our son and his family over Labor Day, I knew that we were going to take 3 extra days after the holiday and wander along the side roads of Nebraska.  Knowing our tendency as to how we wander along the side roads and explore, plus my love of trip research and planning...for my birthday Dawn Marie had purchased a guide book for my use.  It is entitled “Off the Beaten Path – Nebraska” by Diana Lambdin Meyer.

This was a "very useful book"…leading us to restaurants, attractions and even a place to stay, the Cambridge Inn in Cambridge Nebraska. (You can check out the posting about our stay at the Inn by clicking on this link: (

In this case, Off the Beaten Path led us to a lunch stop along our route…

This is the Chances “R” Restaurant and Lounge in York Nebraska.  We liked the old-fashioned sign and the copper awnings… It was a little after regular lunch hours but the restaurant still had quite a few customers.  I’m guessing that this is the ‘go to’ restaurant in York!

As per the author of my guide book, Chances “R” is a “very pretty place with paneling, nice lighting and lots of brass”.  It did have a nice upscale look to it, which is a bit of a surprise considering this is a breakfast, lunch and dinner establishment…

The bar area of the restaurant carries through on the wood, brass and fancy lighting theme.  For lunch, the bar was set up with an extensive buffet.

I checked out the breakfast menu on line… All of the standard breakfast fare items are offered until 11 am.  This includes eggs, omelets, hash browns, American fries, sausage, bacon, French toast, waffles, pancakes, ham, fruit, sweet rolls, etc.

We didn’t partake of the buffet, but rather ordered off the menu.  My lunch came with a salad.  It was OK…about what one would expect as a side salad.  All of the salad dressings at Chances “R” are homemade.  I went with the blue cheese option and it was very good.

The menu includes several salads, including a spinach salad with sliced mushrooms, egg, bacon, croutons and onion…with hot bacon dressing and a muffin. ($8.65) You don’t see a hot bacon dressing on the menu very often… In keeping with the classic old time offerings on the menu, you can also order a bowl of French onion soup topped with melted Swiss cheese. ($4.95)

As per the advice offered in the guidebook, I ordered the Chances “R” Famous Country Pan Fried Chicken. (Luncheon Special - $8.95) To quote…”Order the chicken and judge for yourself if they do not have some of the best pan-fried chicken you’ve ever eaten.”

AMEN!!  I would rank this pan-fried chicken right up there with Stroud’s version in Kansas City…maybe even a little higher!  Moist, lots of flavor, just the right spices…and accompanied by some nice mashed potatoes with some very tasty gravy.  This was a real winner…!!!

Laurie ordered one of her favorites…a French Dip Sandwich with French Fries. ($8.45) The beef wasn’t over cooked, it was tender and there was a lot of it for the money!  The French roll was toasted and the au jus was perfect… My better half was a happy camper indeed!

The Chances “R” menu offers a lot of variety. There are basket dinners, a variety of steaks plus prime rib, seafood entrees, “R” specialties (including the chicken!), a couple of pastas, plus a number of sandwiches.  If we’d been headed back to Omaha that evening, I would have been tempted to order the 10 piece, pan-fried chicken to go…for only $12.25! (Overall pricing at Chances "R" was very reasonable)

The Chances “R” Restaurant and Lounge is located at 124 West 5th Street in York Nebraska.  The restaurant was clean and orderly and the service was friendly and efficient.  This establishment is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Phone: 402-362-7755.  Website:  We will go out of our way to return for another meal at this restaurant!

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by to have lunch with us!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave 


  1. Sounds like that's a great guide book. The fried chicken does look amazing and so does Laurie's French dip.I definitely would not need any dinner after their generous servings - and I don't normally miss a meal :)

  2. Wow I wish I could be beamed up there for a meal as they both look great. The beef for the French dip looks just right.

  3. Yum---that chicken does look good, and I noticed you ate a healthy veggie!!!!! Good for you! (I'm being the food police!!!! ha)....

    Don't you love books like the one you got about what to see and do around a state??? There truly is alot of see and do everywhere we go!!!! NEAT!!!!!

    IF I 'ever' get to York, Nebraska --I will look for that restaurant.... Thanks!!!!