Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Quality Ice Cream Option!

We do like ice cream!  On the other hand, we rarely keep any in the freezer because it’s just too tempting and it plays havoc with any attempts to minimize excess calories. 

Our favorite source for an ice cream treat in East Tennessee is the Tic-Toc Ice Cream Parlor.  This terrific ice cream parlor is located in downtown Loudon Tennessee at 504 Grove Street.  Phone: 865-408-9867.

Tic-Toc serves excellent ice cream with a real variety of flavors!  My favorite is the Praline but we also love the George Washington Cherry and the Cookies ‘n Cream among others.  We love their milk shakes too!  To check out some customer reviews of the Tic-Toc Ice Cream Parlor, just go to TripAdvisor at  

The problem is that Tic-Toc closes in the winter months… Where could we go for a cold weather ice cream ‘fix’?

This is Chadwick’s Churn Gourmet Ice Cream Parlor in Alcoa Tennessee.  It’s about 35 – 40 minutes from our house, but in mid-winter when you need an ‘ice cream fix’, one might be willing to make the trip if the quality is there…

The inside of Chadwick’s Churn looks like other modern looking ice cream parlors.  It doesn’t have the charm of an old time parlor like Tic-Toc, but hey…it’s all about the ice cream isn’t it!

Laurie opted for this great chocolate coated waffle cone with chocolate mint and mint chocolate chunk ice cream.  It was very satisfying and the ice cream was nice and rich.  She liked the little cookie inserted in the top too… Chadwick’s has a nice selection of cones… Laurie’s cravings were happily resolved!

I went for my usual…a nice thick vanilla milk shake.  It was very nice and I was a happy camper!  The ice cream at Chadwick’s Churn is high quality if not quite as rich as the product offered at Tic-Toc…but it was very good!

Although Chadwick’s Churn doesn’t have as many reviews posted on TripAdvisor as Tic-Toc does, they are all positive.  You can check them out at

Chadwick’s Churn Gourmet Ice Cream opened in 2010 and they are open in the winter months… This ice cream parlor is located at 727 Louisville Road in Alcoa Tennessee.  Phone: 865-233-7355.  Chadwick’s is on Facebook at

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  1. When you need a fix, you need a fix. I used to stop by Baskin Robbins or Kay's in my younger days and found I stopped more in the cold months than the summer - go figure

  2. We love ice cream ---but do just the opposite from you all. We keep it in our freezer and seldom eat at an ice cream place... When we go to the beach though, there is a really neat one in Calabash, NC.

    We are quite disciplined when it comes to eating some ice cream. WE only have it every 2-3 days --and only 1/2 cup.... BUT---you are right. It is tempting...