Friday, November 7, 2014

Penny’s Diner - North Platte NE

Another day exploring south central Nebraska and it was time for something to eat… Our destination for lunch was determined by some pre-trip on-line research on TripAdvisor.

This is Penny’s Diner in North Platte Nebraska.  Penny’s is situated right off of I-80 at the interchange with US Route 83 and it’s very visible from the expressway.  This diner was ranked #2 among all of the restaurants in North Platte.

FYI… U.S. Route 83 is one of the longest north–south U.S. Highways in the United States, at 1,885 miles.  The highway's northern terminus is north of Westhope North Dakota, at the Canadian border.  The southern terminus is in Brownsville Texas, at the Veterans International Bridge on the Mexican border.

The interior of Penny’s Diner has that standard diner feel and look… It was clean and orderly and our waitress was friendly and chatty.  Based on my research, Penny’s apparently has an arrangement with the adjacent Oak Tree Inn to provide room service and discounted meals for its clients.

We stopped for lunch after the normal meal time so not much was going on with the grill.  As you can see in the foreground, Penny’s has Tabasco in every booth…a critical point for me!  The grill cook was mildly annoying…with comments that were a bit inappropriate for positive customer relations.

I would have liked to dine at Penny’s at breakfast time… The breakfast reviews were the most positive on Trip Advisor.  Nevertheless, it was time for lunch and I ordered a cheeseburger.  While it wasn’t among the best burgers I’ve ever had, it was pretty good, still juicy and slathered with plenty of cheese.

Laurie’s burger with Swiss cheese was a lot neater and more lady-like than mine.  She agreed that it was a decent burger and it satisfied our needs.
Penny’s Diner is located at 473 Halligan Drive in North Platte Nebraska.

Phone: 308-535-9900.  Penny’s doesn’t have a website, but you can check it out at As I wrote this posting, Penny’s had 51 Excellent/Very Good vs. 8 Poor/Terrible reviews. (There were 17 average comments) My normal standard is a ratio of 10:1 Excellent/Very Good to Poor/Terrible.  While Penny’s didn’t meet my “give it a try” criteria, it was the 2nd highest ranked restaurant in North Platte…

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  1. I often wonder what people like the grill cook are thinking when they say things to customers that aren't appropriate and why the owner puts up with it. Or maybe he is the owner... Whatever it is, it isn't smart.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. I like to go to diners when possible, especially for breakfast.

  3. Love this place David look really nice:)