Monday, February 9, 2015

The Orleans Grapevine Wine Bar and Bistro

Another night in New Orleans and time for another dining experience!  As usual, I’d checked this restaurant out via

This is the exterior of Orleans Grapevine Wine Bar and Bistro.  It has a great New Orleans ‘look’ to it!  This building was built back in 1809…

We decided to have our dinner in the courtyard of the restaurant where it was more peaceful and a lot quieter.  The wine bar/bar inside dining area of Orleans Grapevine was fairly busy and a lot more hectic…and we’d just departed from the semi-wild scene over at Pat O’Brien’s!

This photo came out a bit blurry… Sorry about that!  This was the Fried Goat Cheese Salad. ($12.00) Dawn had ordered it along with her dinner.  She commented that the salad didn’t have any flavor and that it was ‘just oily’.  I also thought that the price seemed a bit high given the salad’s size and ingredients.  

Our food at Orleans Grapevine was accompanied by some very nice crusty bread and some homemade butter.

I ordered the New Orleans Barbeque Shrimp for an appetizer and I shared it with Laurie. ($15.00) This was an excellent appetizer but again it seemed a bit expensive for what we got…

Looking at what I suppose is a current menu it appears that this appetizer is listed for only $9.00?  Perhaps the current version is somehow different.  FYI…the BBQ shrimp appetizer that we enjoyed at the Loft Restaurant in Laurel Mississippi was even better and much bigger than this offering. 

This was Dawn Marie’s entrée…Veal Medallions. ($15.00) This dish consisted of the veal medallions sautéed in Marsala mushroom cream sauce.  Dawn opted for roasted potatoes as her side item.  She thought that her veal was very good but her potatoes were just OK.    

I love meat…as I’m a true carnivore!  For my dinner, I ordered the Double Cut Pork Chop. ($29.00) This was an attractive if pricy entrée!  Unfortunately, as it turned out the best thing on the plate was the roasted vegetables… The hash was bland, with no ‘pop’ at all.  That beautiful pork chop was cooked perfectly…pink in the middle and juicy.  However, it was almost tasteless.  If I’d had the nerve, I would have asked for some ketchup! 

Laurie was eating light… She had a couple of the Barbeque Shrimp and then for her entree she ordered from the Petit Fare menu.  These are the Grapevine’s Crab Cakes. ($15.00) They were served with a bit of Chipotle pepper set over wilted spinach, caramelized pineapple slices and topped with the house remoulade sauce.  Laurie thought that they were excellent! 

We could have stopped with our meals…but hey, we’d started out at Pat O’Brien’s with a few libations, had this upscale meal and we had a little time on our hands before we headed off to Preservation Hall for some old time jazz.  So, we decided on coffee and dessert. 

From the top: Vanilla Crema Brulee ($7.00) judged to be very good; Bread Pudding ($9.00) rated between very good and excellent, and; Key Lime Pie ($8.00) which only achieved a ‘good’ rating.

The ‘pressed’ coffee ($5.00 each) was excellent if expensive.  Dawn inquired as to the purveyor’s identity and we learned that it was roasted down in Key West Florida.  She was particularly interested as she lives in Miami. 

With the exception of the bland salad and bland pork chop…and the fact that prices were a bit high for me, this was not a particularly negative experience.  The company was great, the setting was nice, the waitress was helpful and friendly and much of the food was very good indeed. 

Orleans Grapevine Wine Bar and Bistro is located at 720 Orleans Avenue in New Orleans Louisiana.  Phone: 504-523-1930.  This restaurant’s Website and annoying unending piano music, (my personal opinion), can be found at:

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by and helping us explore New Orleans!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave 


  1. You guys really filled your days with NOLA. At least one of you got a good meal.

  2. Laurie's meal sounded delicious and I'm glad it turned out to be a good choice. I don't consider the prices particularly high (by Florida standards) and you don't often see pressed coffee on a restaurant menu, which I serve at home for dinner parties quite often.

  3. Woooooo---the prices turned me totally off toward this restaurant... I try to find 'local' restaurants instead of the ones where tourists go (which are usually much more expensive) when we travel. BUT--those are hard to find online. We just ask the local people once we get there... Usually they give us great advice...

    Glad you 'sorta' enjoyed your meal there though...

  4. aww look beautiful I love boats and ships too David! And the food look georgeous!!
    Sounds you had a lovely time dears!!

  5. dear Dave, It looks like a very pretty place with the patio setting. It is nice that Laurie enjoyed her meal. It is too bad that your pork was tasteless and the salad was oily.
    It does look like the desserts were good though. Blessings, Catherine