Friday, April 10, 2015

Happy Birthday to You, David II!

Well…today is our son David’s birthday.  So I thought that I’d put together a group of photos tracking him over his many years…

Wasn’t he cute?  Poor kitten!  He was at his Grandma Thomson’s house in Concord Michigan when this photo was taken. 

David II the Cub Scout!  I’d give you the dates and ages for the photos but he claims that he’s only 37 and regressing age wise each year…so anything I would post might give away his true age.

Here he’s a little older and I think that this photo of him with Laurie and I, (Yes, I once had hair!), was taken down in Florida.

Laurie and I went through a period where we actively sought out antiques and collectibles such as the hutch, the trunk and that Tennessee long rifle.  David II was armed and ready to defend the homestead!

Here…the teen incarnation of David II was relaxing in a recliner at our home in Mt. Prospect Illinois.  He was a good teenager…in ROTC, working and getting grades that landed him 13th in his high school class of over 300 seniors.

I’ll never forget a conversation that I had with him when I asked him what he was doing just for fun… He told me that between school, ROTC and working in the grocery store, he didn’t have much time for fun.  He went on to say that he was thinking this was the way real life would be! 

Our young college student!  He went to Michigan State University, following in the footsteps of his mother, me, my father and his mother’s father.  He continued at MSU through his MBA and then he passed the CPA and CMA exams as well.  What a good boy!

So after graduation, David II went to work and his career was well underway when he went to a New Year’s Eve party and that’s where he met Amy… The rest, as they say, is history!

The years passed by and then David II and Amy had their own family…and Laurie and I had two terrific grandsons, David III and Emmett Lee!

David II and the boys have a lot of fun and Amy loves taking photos of them!  They were out on a boat with friends when she took this photo.  

David II’s career had migrated into computer technology management, but then that business took a hit as many jobs in the field went overseas and the tech boom crashed.  It didn’t help that he’d been working for one of the many banks that had financial issues.  He and Amy decided that this would be a great opportunity for him to branch out…so he attended Law School at Case Western University and picked up his Juris Doctorate.  Such a smart and dedicated lad!

Here’s our son the attorney taking a selfie with a recent birthday present while preparing to go to work…

Laurie took this photo of the two lovebirds at Hot Rod 50’s, a local diner during a visit to our home here in East Tennessee.  After almost 18 years of marriage, 2 boys, several jobs/career changes, they still like each other!  Life is good!

Amy and David II make a big deal out of Halloween and the boys love it!  Amy took these photos…with David II as Hagrid from the Harry Potter movies and as “Bob” with David III as “Violet” and Emmett Lee as “Dash” from the movie, “The Incredibles”.  The family that plays together stays together!

This photo of David II, Amy and our grandsons was taken right after this past Christmas as they prepared to leave our home in East Tennessee for their long trek home to Omaha Nebraska.
Our son has grown up to be a terrific father and man…and with Amy they’re raising two outstanding grandsons!  As Laurie and I often tell him, “What a good boy your are..!”

Happy Birthday David II!  I only wish you were as young as you claim to be…because that would mean that I’d be about 9 years younger than I really am!
Have a terrific birthday!

Thanks for stopping by to help us celebrate David II’s birthday!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave and Laurie (aka. Papa and Nana) 

P.S. We named our cat 'JD' in honor of our son receiving his 'Juris Doctorate'!
David II was 'so' touched and pleased! LOL!


  1. Great post! the boys are going to love it!

  2. awww Love All the pictures! And specially when he was a little boy, really cute!!
    and love the pictures right now, a lovely family you have David.
    Happy Birthday to David II!

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your very smart (like his parents) son... He obviously has had and is having an incredible life... I know that you and Laurie are proud of him --and his wonderful family.

    Happy Birthday to David II.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. A fun collection of pictures allowing us to see all of the different phases of his life. Happy birthday David.

  5. Dear Dave, Happy Birthday to your David. You have every reason to say he is a "good boy" and be proud of it. You and Laurie have a very beautiful family.
    Blessings, Catherine