Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What’s On The Menu?

Let it be known that I’m always playing with different combinations of food, usually trying to make a quick lunch or breakfast using whatever is on hand…or preferably leftover from another meal! 

While I didn’t take a photo, breakfast this morning was a good example of my ‘creativity.  I had one thick slice of bologna remaining in the meat keeper.  I also had the final smears of garlic hummus in its container.  So, I toasted an English muffin, buttered it, smeared it with the hummus, topped it with bologna and a slice of sharp cheddar cheese and microwaved this concoction for 25 seconds.  It wasn’t pretty…but I thought it was very tasty.  In addition, I will now be able to keep the vampires away for most of the day!

So what else has been cooking and showing up on our table?

This isn’t one of my creations…but since prime rib is 'sooo' pricey these days, I thought I'd pay homage to one of my favorite meals.  This is a photo of the prime rib roast that we enjoyed when David II, Amy and our grandsons visited us right after Christmas.  Laurie cooks a great rib roast!! 

In keeping with the ‘leftover’ theme, leftover prime rib is about the best leftover I can think of!

Next…this is one of my breakfast creations.  I started with flour tortilla that I heated with a little butter in a frying pan.

Then I covered it with some leftover heated chili…

Next, I covered it up with a stack of mixed shredded cheese…

Then I topped it with 2 over-easy fried eggs.

To complete my breakfast, I liberally sprinkled my production with Tabasco.  It was a very tasty and satisfying way to start my day!

Laurie and I had been talking about making tacos for weeks.  I finally decided to get it done!  Instead of the usual ground beef, I decided to use some leftover beef pot roast as the meat component.  So, I shredded and chopped away.  Then I heated it in a frying pan with a little butter and the taco seasoning.

I shouldn’t have added the butter to the frying pan as it provided too much moisture and it broke down the shreds of meat.  The flavor wasn’t impacted but the texture was a bit mushy so instead of tasty crispy shreds, we ended up with a pot roast ‘filling’ for our tacos. 

We built our tacos with the usual accompaniments…lettuce, tomatoes, taco sauce and sour cream.  The tacos were good but they would have been even better if I’d prepared the meat without the butter.

Yet another breakfast… This time I simply topped the English muffin with a couple of slices of leftover bacon, 2 easy-over eggs and Tabasco.

Laurie wanted to do something with some leftover flour tortillas.  So she buttered the tortillas, sprinkled Penzey’s cinnamon-sugar mix on then and folded them up.  I lightly fried them in our grilling skillet with weighted steel lid.  These sweet tortillas made an excellent dessert! We liked the grill marks!

I’m no gourmet chef, that’s for sure… I just like to play with my food!

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

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Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. That prime rib was amazing. I was kicking myself for weeks for not having had more when I had the chance!!

  2. Those are some fine looking creations you have Dave - I would enjoy them all.

  3. That bologna concoction sounds awesome! You're very creative in the kitchen, Dave! And everything's better with a fried egg on top. Very rare prime rib is my absolute favorite meat, and the one at your house looks delicious! Yum!

  4. You know what Mike and I like with our eggs? Sriracha hot sauce...that stuff is so good! Spicy eggs are delicious....but served on top of a tortilla, cheese and chili??! Yes please! :D

    I love Laurie's idea of a sweet tortilla roll up...everything looks fantastic!

    Hugs to you both. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.