Monday, February 1, 2016

Kaminsky’s for Dessert – Charleston SC

After more exploration of the historic section of Charleston, we decided to just go ‘nuts’ diet-wise’ and seek out a luscious dessert or two…

This is Kaminsky’s Baking Company at Tbonz Gill and Grill.  It’s a separate dining area adjacent and connected to Tbonz and both operations are related to Pearlz Oyster Bar… All of them belong to the Home Grown Hospitality Group.  We loved Pearlz so this operation seemed like a natural choice for dessert! 

As the sign out front said, Kaminsky’s serves specialty coffees, spirits and desserts.  The interior was dark with a brick wall, lots of wood and some local art on display.

The menu is broad, offering a wide variety of desserts or dessert related beverages.  In addition to the specialty coffees, they have Cold Beverages, Teas and Ciders, Jukers (Iced Expresso drinks), Steamers (such as hot chocolate), Hot Toddies, Dessert Martinis, Hot “Spirited” Specials, 8 Signature Milkshakes, 6 Sundaes or Floats as well as assorted Cakes, Cheesecake and Pies. 

This impressive display of cakes, pies and cheesecakes certainly wetted our appetite!

So it was decision time… Laurie didn’t feel like anything heavy so she just went for a Cappuccino. ($4.00) It was OK but she would have liked it hotter…

I hope that my doctor doesn’t read this posting!  I ordered the Berry Cobbler ala Mode. ($6.95) It looked great but I would have liked it better if the cobbler had been heated up.  It was just OK.

Bill ordered a slab of the Caramel Apple Slice Cake. ($6.50) He didn’t like it…too dry and despite the way it looks, it was actually bland!  Bonnie was stunned that Bill didn't even finish it. 

Bonnie ordered the Heath Milkshake.  ($6.00) It wasn’t anything special…but it was OK.  Maybe Pearlz Oyster Bar had raised our expectations a bit to much! We weren’t impressed with Kaminsky’s.  It was just OK at best and I personally can find better sources for my indulgences!

It’s a big menu so maybe we just didn’t luck out with our choices… In any case, should you want to give Kaminsky’s Baking Company a try, they have 2 locations, one in Columbia South Carolina and this one in Historic Charleston.  The Charleston location is at 80 North Market Street.  Phone: 843-577-2511.  Website:

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. This looks like a perfect place to "jump off" the diet every once in a while. Why not, you're on vacation.

  2. Too bad it didn't work out well - when you take in those big calories, it needs to be blow you away good.

  3. Sorry that place didn't work out for you all... Sometimes, things look better than they taste!!!!!

    We try not to eat desserts much --but every once in a blue moon, I just have to have a piece of cheesecake... YUM.


  4. Ok, David now you need a one year subscription to the gym! What delicacies! I would go here everyday if we lived in Charleston!