Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Breakfast – “Over Easy”

While visiting our son and his family in Omaha this past Thanksgiving weekend, the adults decided to go out for breakfast one morning…

This is “Over Easy”, a breakfast and lunch restaurant in the Omaha area.  Nice door and window don’t you think?  Perhaps it might be a bit upscale?

I took this photo of the interior of the restaurant with Amy, David II and Laurie at the table in the center.  Given the fancy wall with the blackboards and the flowers on the table, it was obvious that this wasn’t the usual breakfast 'diner'.

To quote from Easy Over's website: “Bringing a new standard to what you can expect from a local breakfast is the backbone of Overeasy.  The Interior is designed to welcome and surprise you, and we believe that resonates in everything we do.”

Upscale and different definitely describes our breakfasts… This is the “Overeasy” version of Eggs Benedict. (10.99) Two poached eggs and house-made hollandaise sauce perch on top of pieces of Asiago crusted rosemary focaccia bread accompanied by prosciutto and asparagus alongside.
I really enjoyed this breakfast but if it were me, from a 'taste' point of view, I would have had the prosciutto on top of the bread, then covered with the eggs and hollandaise sauce.  However I do admit that it wouldn’t have looked as pretty when served…

I asked for a side of TD Niche pork sausage with my Eggs Benedict. ($3.29) While it was a good size patty, I really didn’t care for the seasoning and it was a little pricy for what I got.

Amy ordered the Egg Boat. ($9.99) This consisted of a ciabatta demi baguette filled with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese and green onion with a side of fruit.  I’m not sure what the round object in the photo is…a hush puppy or more likely a sweet potato “tot”.  Amy seemed happy with her breakfast.

Laurie went for the Over Easy version of French Toast. ($8.99) They use seasonal house-made bread pudding, sliced and then seared and heavily drizzled with house-made crème anglaise.  It was a winner!

From Laurie’s perspective, breakfast without bacon is like daylight without sunshine…very unfulfilling!  Consequently, she ordered a side of house-cured black pepper bacon to go with her French Toast… ($3.29)

It was OK but she likes her bacon a little thinner than these slabs.  Her actual preference is Applewood smoked bacon from Costco that I pepper heavily and I fry it!

The menu at Over Easy is definitely imaginative and a bit off the charts… Consider their Breakfast Sandwich. ($7.99) It consists of toasted wheatberry bread, paprika cream cheese spread, cheddar cheese, one fried hard farm fresh egg, jalapeño jam, and your choice of bacon, ham or sausage.  A vegetarian version would substitute avocado, tomato, caramelized onions and fresh spinach.

David II was definitely thinking outside the box!  He ordered the Breakfast Tacos. ($9.99) He was served these 3 soft flour tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, pulled pork, salsa verde and pickled onions.  He really enjoyed his breakfast!

While I’m more of a ‘standard breakfast guy’, Over Easy was an interesting change of pace with an ‘edgy’ menu using high quality ingredients.  It’s truly worth a visit!  Over Easy Restaurant is located at 16859 “Q” Street in Omaha Nebraska.  Phone: 402-934-2929.  Website:  FYI, Over Easy also offers drive-thru service…

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for breakfast!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

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  1. Nice place. The Eggs Benedict plate is really pretty. Sounds like everyone was happy.