Friday, March 11, 2016

Another Family Gathering

It seems to be a fact that every time that Laurie and I visit her family in St. Louis, some kind of family get together seems to happen!  During our November trip, we had a big birthday party for her oldest sister’s husband and that was followed up by yet another family gathering…

We were back at The Local House Restaurant and Bar in Arnold Missouri.  One family member knows one of the owners of this establishment and the restaurant seems to always be ready to set aside a portion of the dining area for our group…

There are two large areas available for dining at The Local House.  There is a standard dining area and then there is this area which is conjoined with the restaurant’s bar.  In addition to 2 others, we took over all of the tables along the back wall in this photo stretching to the front windows.

Two of Laurie’s cousins, Johnny and Jimmy…They were going to bring their Mom, Laurie, Karole, Bonnie and Glenda's Aunt Lois...the Matriarch of our family at 102 years of age but Aunt Lois is not big on huge gatherings...and decided to let us come to her which, we all happily did !

Johnny’s daughter Linda, her husband Craig and two of their daughters,
Sarah & Katie.

Laurie’s brother's daughter,Tanya with her boyfriend Von.

Cousin Dianne, Jim and Shirley's daughter with her husband Jerry.
Nancy, Dianne's sister, couldn't make it due to a previous engagement. 

Our easy going annual traveling companions, Bill and his wife, Laurie’s sister Bonnie...

Rose is Johnny’s wife (first photo), here with granddaughters Katie & Sarah. 

This is Laurie’s sister Karole’s and her husband Bob’s son Marc with his wife Tammy and their daughters Cate, Abby and Regan.

Laurie’s cousin Jim with his wife Shirley and they are Dianne and Nancy's parents.

This is Laurie’s oldest sister Glenda and her husband Ken. 
Their daughter Judy and husband John and their children Sarah, Leah and Stewart and his wife Sarah and children, Isaac, Liam and Gwendolyn, all had the stomach flu, so stayed home as they well should have.

 Here is Laurie’s middle sister Karole and her husband Bob.
Their son Bryan and his wife Erika live in Kansas City and were coming up later in the month for Thanksgiving, so totally understand not making the trip twice in one month. Their son Chris didn't make it either.

Bonnie and Bill’s son Kyle and his wife Melissa made it to our little gathering with their sons Keaton and Collin.

Kyle's sister Kasey and her three daughters, Delaney, Avery and Charley Kate had to leave early before all the cameras and photos were taken, so they are missing from this blog, as is her husband Kevin who couldn't make it to the party.

As was the case during our previous gathering at The Local House, the staff was very friendly and accommodating and the food was plentiful, reasonably priced and good too!  One of our servers took this group photo.  I’m sure that everyone had a great time…

For more on The Local House and to see some photos of the food that we had on our previous visit and that we reordered this time as well, you can go to  The address for The Local House is 3946 Jeffco Road in Arnold Missouri.  Phone: 636-467-9900.  Their website is at

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by and looking at a ‘family photo album’!  Remember, you would show us your family photos if you had the chance…

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. What a nice family. Laurie and Karole really resemble each other. Congratulations to Aunt Lois for reaching 102. That is marvelous.

  2. It is so nice to get a big family like this together to reconnect and make memories. Blessings, Catherine