Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Long Drive – Break for Dinner!

At this stage in our lives, we try not to head north any time after mid-November through at least mid-March.  Laurie doesn’t like it when we have to drive in snow or ice, and wise man that I am, (sometimes), I generally accede to her wishes… (You know…the ‘happy wife’ rule!)

However, with our son and his family living so far away from us and given their busy schedule, there are times when we just have to take a chance during our ‘north country off season’.  This past Thanksgiving was one of those windows of opportunity for a visit…when they weren’t running as fast as usual, they had some time off and our grandsons were out of school.  

Most of the trip went well… Our plan was to leave on the Monday morning after Thanksgiving, stay overnight part way home and be back on Tuesday night.

As luck would have it, a cold and snowy weather front moved in on Omaha Sunday morning. Predictions of poor driving and accumulation caused us to rethink our plans and just before Noon on Sunday we hurriedly left for home.  The weather was turning ugly as we drove south from Omaha.

As we cruised by Kansas City headed east, it was a bit warmer and the snow and sleet that we’d encountered near Omaha had turned to rain and fog. 

Did I mention the other reason why we had planned to leave Omaha and head home on Monday in the first place?  It was all about the post-Thanksgiving traffic rush as everyone else headed home so they could go to work or school on Monday.

The traffic on I-70 between Kansas City and St. Louis was horrendous in both directions.  There were a number of accidents and it was stop and go much of the way…

It was late when we arrived in the St. Louis area.  We knew that Syberg’s Eating and Drinking Company was just off the Interstate in Chesterfield Missouri so we decided to stop and have dinner here before pushing on to our motel for the night in south central Illinois…

We’d eaten at Syberg’s during a previous trip to the St. Louis area and we’d enjoyed the food as well as the casual laid back sports bar atmosphere…

FYI, this Syberg’s location can be found at 17392 Chesterfield Airport Road in Chesterfield Missouri.  Phone: 636-532-7600.  Website:

We started out with Syberg’s Famous Chicken Dip. ($8.99) The dip is made with Syberg’s sauce, cream cheese and a 3-cheese blend with lots of shredded chicken mixed in.  It was pretty good if not great… (We’ve actually had a better chicken dip in East Tennessee where we live!)

We followed up the chicken dip with a 12 inch “build your own” Pizza. ($12.99) We ordered ours with pepperoni and Italian sausage…which is our ‘go to’ combo for pizzas.  This was a good pizza…something that is hard to find where we live.  The toppings actually had some flavor and the thin crust was perfect!

This pizza had something else going for it that Laurie really likes!  It’s cut into squares and rectangles rather than the unwieldy wedge slices.  Note that Syberg’s offers a combination of Provel and Mozzarella cheese as the base on their pizzas.  As I’d noted in a previous posting regarding St. Louis Pizza, the overwhelming favorite pizza cheese in this area is Provel… We like the blend best!

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. After driving through that mess you deserved a pizza and a brake from being in the car. Great choice and I agree with Laurie, rectangle pizza is so much easier to eat than huge slices.

  2. Rather than leave early, I believe I would have just stayed until the ugly weather passed - surly it would happen before spring. That pizza looks delicious.