Friday, April 29, 2016

A Promising New Market Plus a Laid Back Day…

Somehow we’d never heard of a local market named Basket Case despite the fact that they had been in operation in the old depot in Greenback Tennessee for a few months before they moved to a new location…

This is Basket Case’s new location at 6811 US Highway 411 South in Greenback Tennessee.  The problem with their old location, in addition to definitely being off the path well-traveled, was that they couldn’t prepare food for lunches or takeout.  The old train depot just wasn’t critter proof even if it was charming. 

As I mentioned in the beginning, we didn’t even know that Basket Case existed.  This market had just opened when we stopped by for our first visit.  In addition to an interesting selection of mostly locally sourced food products, they are planning weekly farmer’s markets, hot lunches, sandwiches, specially prepared foods to go, etc. 

This load of goodies was the result of our first visit to Basket Case.  The peppered bacon was very good, the Caramel Puffcorn is long gone, (Laurie really liked it!), the Peanut Butter Spread is a winner, the Red Hot spice mixture does indeed kick it up a notch…and Troyer’s ‘Trail’ or ring Bologna is a real treat.  We haven’t tried the butter yet nor have we gotten around to the frozen spicy sausage.

We are hoping the Basket Case is a success!  It would add real variety to the food scene here in the Loudon and Monroe County areas.  Phone: 865-229-2416.  Basket Case is on Facebook at

On another spring morning, I decided that it was time to go fishing my way… Big Daddy Dave’s fishing preference is defined as a no pressure, laid back, comfortable, low energy effort…

It would be hard to find a better setting for a relaxing day of fishing.  The skies were blue, it was warm but not hot, the trees were greening up and some were still in bloom.
Better yet, Bev and her husband and fellow blogger Big Dude, (, have a great dock up a little cove on the lake that comes equipped with a cover, tables and lots of chairs.  There are even overhead fans to drive away the insects and provide a cool breeze when necessary.  I have been granted ‘fishing privileges’ on their dock so I just park my car, unload my gear, set up chairs on 3 or 4 spots on their big party dock and chill out… Sometimes I even catch fish!

I’m not even sure what types of fish these 4 were but I didn’t catch the usual bass or catfish.  The action wasn’t exactly fast paced on this particular day, but I did catch enough eatable size fish that I could have provided a meal for Laurie and me if I wanted to…or had to.  Of course, if that had been my goal I would have felt pressure to produce and then I would have had to clean and cook the fish… Just too much work… I released the fish back into the lake so I could catch them again on another day.  Then I went home I grilled a couple of steaks instead!

Retired and living the good life…

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Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Glad you finally got a chance to wet a line. I didn't know Basket Case existed, but the girls did.

  2. What a funny name...basket case! They seem to be doing all right though:) Do they ship to Sicily Dave? I would love some of that delicious American food. There is an online American Market in France and sometimes I order some things but it is so EXPENSIVE!

  3. I thought I recognized your fishing place.. PERFECT place to relax... I wouldn't fish --but would get a rack-back-chair and read or nap!!!!!!!

    That market looks great. We may have to check it out sometime when we are in that area....

    Happy May Day... I'll publish a blog post tomorrow.