Friday, May 20, 2016

Cinco Amigos – Loudon Tennessee

It was dinner time following a late afternoon doctor’s appointment.  We were in the mood for some Mexican cuisine.  A new Mexican restaurant had recently opened in Loudon Tennessee and since it’s relatively close to home, off we went!

This is Cinco Amigos on US Hwy. 11 in Loudon Tennessee.  The original Cinco Amigos Restaurant in this area is located in nearby Lenoir City close to the intersection of US Hwy. 321 and I-75.  We’d always regarded that restaurant as one of the best Mexican Restaurants in the area and we hoped that this location would carry on that tradition.

Several restaurants have occupied this building since we’ve lived in the area.  Cinco Amigos spent a lot of time and money upgrading and redecorating the building as well as in refinishing the parking lot. 

The inside of the restaurant is simply decorated with tile floors, arches enclosing the booths, a little decorative art work and a few flat screen televisions.  The dining room was clean and orderly.  The only issue we noted was that when the dining room filled up, the high ceilings amplified the noise in the room…

Of course the meal started out with a basket of tortilla chips and some salsa.  We’d been told that it was too spicy but we had to ask for some hot sauce to perk it up.  The waitress didn’t have to be asked to refill the basket of chips.

For an appetizer we decided to order one of our favorites…when it’s done right… This is Queso Fundido, basically a bowl of melted Mexican cheese laced with spicy grilled chorizo sausage. ($6.50)  It came with a couple of soft tortillas but we ate most of this appetizer with more chips.  It was very good indeed!

I ordered the Chili Colorado for dinner. ($10.25) As per the menu this entrée includes beef chunks (really strips) in a red chili sauce served with rice, refried beans with cheese and warm flour/soft tortillas.  I really enjoyed my meal!

Laurie went for the Tacos De Carne. ($10.25) This dish consisted of 2 flour tortillas stuffed with sliced steak and served with Pico de Gallo, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, rice and beans.  Laurie said that she’d definitely order this entrée again!  Did I mention that we both really liked the refried beans?
Laurie asked for more sour cream and I’d asked for hot sauce to ‘amp up’ the salsa.  We were a little surprised that we were charged 99 cents for each of those ‘extras’…especially the hot sauce.  In most Mexican restaurants a hotter sauce is provided gratis... 

We will return to Cinco Amigos in Loudon.  It’s a bit more convenient for us and the food is comparable with the original location.  The Loudon location for Cinco Amigos is at 934 Mulberry Street (US Hwy. 11).  Phone: 865-458-2304.  The website is at

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Thanks for stopping by for dinner!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

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  1. I didn't realize they had a second place and glad it is also good.