Wednesday, June 22, 2016

One Last Virginian Winery

We had one more stop to make before we made a beeline home to East Tennessee.  This time it was at a winery near Abingdon Virginia that we had visited before…

The Holston River flows by one side of the Abingdon Winery’s tasting room and a pretty little creek flows into the river it on the other side…

These are the calming late April views around the grounds of Abingdon Winery…

This winery sits on 53 acres of land in a very bucolic setting.  The owners were retired and they thought that they should do something to keep themselves healthy and creative.  Consequently, they began planning their 10 acre vineyard in 1997, completing the process with a total of 6,000 plants by 2001.  Since then, they’ve leased 2 more acres from their neighbors and they now have 12 acres under cultivation.

The winery and tasting room have a nice rustic feel which blends nicely into the woodlands around it. 

Despite the fact that Abingdon Winery is a little bit off the highways on winding country roads, it is well situated in relation to the area around it.  South Holston Lake is only 2 miles downriver.  Abingdon, which is a tourist town in the Appalachian Mountains, is only 5 miles away.  Bristol is only 20 miles away.  The well-known Virginia Creeper trail is 1/2 mile from the winery.  The town of Damascus, which is at the intersection of 5 different trails, (including the Appalachian Trail), is only 5 miles away. 

In addition to the wines offered, the Abingdon Winery has a nice little gift shop.  However, the focus is on the wine!

A wide variety of wine is offered…  There are 4 dry and semi-dry white wines, 2 semi-sweet whites and 3 sweet whites.  Then there are 2 semi-sweet blush wines and 1 sweet blush.  The Abingdon Winery produces 7 dry or semi-dry red wines, 1 semi-sweet and 1 sweet wine.  The cost of a bottle of wine ranges from $10.75 for a bottle of white table wine to $16.75 for the most expensive bottle of red wine… 

Bob and Janet, the owners of Abingdon Winery retired from the telephone business where they were both executives in the research, research, development and manufacturing of switching equipment and software.  After retiring, they owned and managed a motel in Florida.  Abingdon Winery and vineyards is their third career! 

Both of them are Master Gardeners and they have attended numerous Virginia Tech Courses on viticulture and enology.  Bob has taken classes from University of California and Janet has received a certificate from the University of Guelph in Viticulture and Enology.  Apparently, this couple doesn’t do anything halfheartedly! 

Our purchases at Abingdon Winery included 5 bottles of wine.  These included a white pinot noir, a chardonnay, 2 bottles of chardonel and a bottle of cabernet sauvignon.  We really like the quality of the wines from this winery.  Another plus is the fact that the wines we purchased from Abingdon Winery were a little less expensive than the others bought during this trip.  It’s hard to beat quality and price when the 2 are combined!

Abingdon Winery is open every Tuesday through Sunday from March 15 to December 15.  The winery is located at 20530 Alvarado Road in Abingdon Virginia.  Phone: 276-623-1255.  Their website can be found at:

This was our ‘booty’ that we collected from our visits to 3 Virginia Wineries and 1 Virginia Distillery.  We came back with a bottle of vodka, a jar of apple enhanced moonshine and a dozen bottles of wine.  We are now ready for an upcoming wine tasting party or two! 

Just think, after adding in the other couple of wineries that we’d visited before in Virginia, we only have another 247 more to check out!  Touring southwest Virginia for our 37th anniversary gift to ourselves was an enjoyable trip with a bit of shopping, dining and exploring!  It’s a beautiful area of the country, that’s for sure…

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  1. Congrats on your 37th wedding anniversary - what a great way to spend it!

  2. Looks like a great setting for a winery and we'll put it on our visit list - now I'm off to there website.